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Rude & Naughty Valentine's Day Cards

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Get a little bit cheeky on 14th February with our naughty Valentine’s cards. For your loved one who you know can definitely take a joke, these are the perfect way to guarantee a laugh (and maybe more…). Whether you’re reminiscing on the honeymoon period (the pre-fart era), thanking them for their 10/10 bedroom antics, making a questionable suggestion or just being downright outrageous, we’ve got plenty of cheeky cards guaranteed to get your Valentine blushing. Perhaps unsuitable for displaying on the mantelpiece, there’s even some rude Valentine’s cards that are perfect for sending to your potty-mouthed mates. A nice act of friendship or a bit harsh? We believe that all comes down to what you write inside…

If you’re feeling like being a little bit nicer on the day of love (it’s okay, we get it!), take a look at the rest of our Valentine’s card range to find a design that’s less likely to cause an argument, or choose a sweet Valentine’s Day gift to balance out the rudeness. With the amazing range of gifts available, it’ll be impossible for them to stay offended for long! Sweeten them up with luxurious chocolate, spoil them with a gift experience, soften the mood with an adorable soft toy, or surprise them to a beautiful bouquet; with all of these and so much more to choose from, it’s never been easier to create an extra personal moment. So find the perfect card and gift for whoever you choose to celebrate; this Valentine’s Day, no ordinary love will do.