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We’re still perfecting this page, but why wait? Be the first to gain exclusive access to Moonpig@Work. Your one-stop destination for effortlessly purchasing cards for colleagues for many occasions.

How It Works

1. Choose A Card

Find the ideal design for your recipients from our wide range of work-related occasions.

2. Add Your CSV File

Easily add your recipients details by uploading a CSV file or download our handy template.

3. Write Your Message

Compose your heartfelt message just once, and we'll add it into each card, complete with the recipient's name.

Something for Everyone

From Christmas to birthdays and thank yous, we've got all the cards you could possibly need.

Group Cards Made Simple

Gone are the days of passing a card round the office (it always got a bit scruffy, or went missing). With the Moonpig app you can send round a unique link for everyone to add their messages, then upload them all to a card with one click.

Group Cards Made Simple

More to Explore

With the Moonpig app, spreading the joy is even easier. Don't miss out on our exclusive features; download it now!