About Us

At Moonpig, we take pride in helping people turn something as simple as a piece of paper into a compassionate message of love and care. Helping people be awesome at celebrating, and giving them the tools and confidence to do this is our MO. Our range of over 10,000 card designs gives people creative freedom and infinite possibilities to make their act of celebrating the most personal and heartfelt it can be. We deliver over 16 million cards a year. That’s over 16 million opportunities to help make someone feel loved.

Combined with the ability to send a card from the palm of your hand on our app or mobile site and the ability to make celebrating even more momentous with an award-winning bouquet or a great gift, Moonpig makes sharing a little bit of love simple, easy and super meaningful.

Create a Moonpig that’s as unique as your relationship
From thousands of clever and creative cards designs, choose the one that’s just right for you and your loved one.  Got an inside joke? We’ve got the perfect card. Want to take a trip down memory lane? We’ve got one for that, too. Then add your totally unique touch with photos, customisation and a heartfelt message.

Gifts that Make Getting it Right Easy
We know a thing or two when it comes to helping you find the gift to go with your card, that’s why our team of gifting experts has put together a joyously curated selection of gifts, gifts sets and bundles - giving you a guess-free opportunity to get it right!

Brilliant Quality Blooms
From blossom to bouquet, every step of your flowers’ journey to you is handled with care. They arrive at their new home in bud to preserve freshness, which is guaranteed for five days. Watch as they bloom and brighten their surroundings, spreading love to each corner of the room.

Moonpig Anytime, Anywhere
No matter where you are - your sofa, the commute, the pub or gym - sending a Moonpig has never been easier. In fact, it’s never been this convenient to show someone you care with our updated app. You can upload photos and send some love directly from your phone. No stamps, no post office queues. Just pure happiness.



Great quality
nice thick paper cards and the freshest of flowers


we’ve got lots of delivery options to get your special something there on time


We’re here to help
we’ll talk you through any aspect of making and ordering - and fix any problems as quick as we can


Moonpig in your pocket
make someone’s day anytime, anywhere with our apps