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Personalised Empathy Cards (30)

Thinking of you Card - humour - the World is being a DICK
Whilst I May Not Be There I Am Here For You Thinking You Card
Empathy Divorce Card It's going to get better (Promise)
A Bumpy Ride But I'll Be Here With You Empathy Card
Sympathy card - You are stronger than you think
Didnt Know What To Say Sympathy Card
So Proud of you Thinking of you Empathy Card
Everything is going to be Okay Thinking of you Empathy Card
Thinking of you Card - you are not alone, I'm here.
Thinking of you Card - this time of year must be so hard
Thinking of you Card - you are great!
Angela Chick Empathy I don't know what to say depression anxiety mental health personalised Card
Neon Letters Just Take It One Day At A Time Card
Angela Chick Empathy sorry for your loss personalised sympathy thinking of you Card
If you need me I AM HERE Thinking of you Empathy Card
Mungo And Shoddy Rude Toilet Paper Empathy Just A Note Card
Sometimes Our Brains Go Funny Empathy Card
When things are TOUGH Thinking of you Empathy Card
Angela Chick Empathy it's ok, it's hard but you are strong Sobriety Sober Teetotal personalised Card
Thanks For Sharing Your Feelings With Me Friendship Card
Thinking Of You On Mother's Day Photo Upload Card
Funny Thinking of you card F**K being Sick long term illness recovery
Be Brave TOMORROW  is another day Thinking you Empathy Card
Divorce card - Freedom

Let them know you’re thinking of them with our thoughtful range of empathy cards, and send them some love.