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Number 1 Teacher!

Time to Say a Massive Thank-You

6 Jul 2021

You’re Simply the Best (Teacher)

Whether you left school thirty years ago or are still studying, there’s a special place in all of our hearts for our favourite teacher. Teaching has always been one of the hardest jobs around, but 2020 sure as heck made it harder with a capital H...and with capital A, R, D, E and R too. They danced over zoom, they spent late nights and early mornings marking, and they helped us all navigate a weird new normal with positivity and courage. We know the word superhero has been thrown around a lot over the last year, but honestly they truly are out of this world. 

SO, it’s time to give a big, massive, whopping, huge and gigantic thank you for all they’ve done this school year, and give them a gift they can enjoy over their well, well, WELL earned time off.

A Group Card from the Whole Class

They really deserve a medal, but if you don’t have one lying around, a group card signed by the whole class is the next best thing! A card is the perfect keepsake for your teacher and a token of thanks after a year spent together in the classroom (virtual or real). There are so many reasons why we love our teachers and they all have different personality quirks that make them the very best in their own way. Perhaps they’re the best storyteller, know some cool magic tricks, or tell the funniest jokes. Whatever it is, now is the time to put it in words! And now with our brand new Group Cards, you can get the whole class to sign it and send it straight to their door. Job’s a good’un.

The Best Brew

During a long day of teachin’, teachers need to stop and recharge (they’re only human after all) and what better way than a with stunning cup of tea? Because tea is life. A personalised mug or tea-themed gift will remind your teacher how much you all love and value them, giving them that warm fuzzy feeling inside every time they take a sip. Either from the love or the piping hot Earl Grey.

For Coffee Lovers

Since the dawn of time teachers have been synonymous with the smell of coffee, whether they’re keeping themselves fueled-up during the last lesson of the day or putting their feet up for a break in the staff room. Our range of coffee-themed gifts will make the perfect end of term treat for any java-lover, and help them make it through even the most hectic day.

A Bottle of Bubbly

Life as a teacher can be hard work, with long days, stacks of homework to mark, and excitable (translation: wild) children to keep in check. Even if the teachers have tears in their eyes as they wave goodbye on the last day of term, toasting the start of their summer holiday will cheer them right up. A bottle of prosecco or champagne is the perfect way to say thanks and add some fizz to their end of year celebrations.

Say It With Flowers

Look, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Everyone loves flowers. After all, teachers devote their lives to educating and helping us all blossom into being the best person we can be, so a big beautiful bouquet of flowers is the perfect way to say thank you. An amazing way to brighten up the room and brighten up their day.

At Moonpig, we know how special teachers are and we want to help you show them with the most thoughtful gift at the end of the year. A heartfelt card or gift is a small but meaningful token of thanks for the amazing things these superstars do in the classroom all year round!

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