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Group Cards

Order cards before 9pm (Mon - Fri) for same day dispatch

How to Send a Group Card

Gone are the days of passing a card round the office (it always got a bit scruffy, went missing, and a minimum of three people missed it because they were away from their desks). With Moonpig, group cards are as easy!

How to Send a Group Card

How Does It Work?

Start Your Creation

Find Group Cards in the Account section of the app to get started.

Invite Everyone to Sign

Share a unique web link inviting people to add their own message.

Choose Your Card

Whatever the occasion, find the perfect card and easily fill it with messages, as if by magic!

We'll Post It

We'll send your card straight to them or back to you, whatever you choose.

Moonpig Group Cards

Signing a card has never been easier thanks to our online group cards. From sorry-you’re-leaving work cards to group birthday cards and everything in between, the lucky recipient will love receiving messages from all their favourite people.

Group Greeting Cards

No more wondering how to sign a card from a group – we’ve got you sorted in just a few steps. It’s harder than ever before to get everyone in one place, but now you can write your message anywhere, anytime! How convenient.