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The Joy of Giving

Are you a Giver or A Receiver

5 Aug 2018

The Joy of Giving... Are You a Giver or a Receiver?

Here at Moonpig, we love to Give... and help others Receive. Whether it’s a personalised gift for your best friend, a giant (and, we mean GIANT) custom card for your partner, or a bunch of letterbox flowers for your mum, we want to celebrate Giving in all its guises. There’s no better feeling than sending a thoughtful present to someone you care about. It’s just so easy to visualise such a joy-inducing scene… I mean, most of us have done it after all.

Watch with excitement as they pick up your present. They’re holding your delicately-wrapped box in their hands and their face begins to light up. Their hands begin to tremble with anticipation as they slowly start to undress colourful ribbons from corner-to-corner. Then, after all the layers of paper are thrown on the floor, you watch (just as it’s the first time) as an enthusiastic smile sweeps across their face. Indeed, there’s no faking here, you’ve given them the best gift imaginable.

We’re talking about personalised presents, experience days, big blooms, and oh... such delightfully fragrant plants by post. There’s also laugh out loud funny books, cuddle-worthy Tatty Teddy bears, and ready for all the flames scented candles. We would like to be modest, but we simply know how to please your other half, best work mate, and even your nan. Um… pardon us, what did you think we were talking about you dirty birdies?!?

Gift Giving is what gets our kicks off here at Moonpig. Call us an overly enthusiastic bunch, but we simply love to please. Also, we’re pretty good at the delivery… just check out our Royal Mail track record. Given it’s the ultimate week of love, we’re launching our latest and most robust campaign as of yet, The Joy of Giving. We’re kicking it off by asking Britain the infamous question... are you a Giver or a Receiver?

No matter if you’re a Giver or Receiver, it’s equally beneficial for both parties to nibble on our chocolate truffles, take a bite out of our delightfully moist cakes, and swallow a delicious gulp of one of our personalised red wines. Also, if you’ve been together a while and are fresh out of ideas, we have inspiration with 52 Things To Do While You Screw Book (it's back in stock on Monday you eager beavers), photo booth party props, and lots of metallic heart balloons. What you’d do with the latter, we simply have no idea, but others are much more inventive than us.

Since 2000, we've been a part of 100 million brilliant moments (and counting). Thanks to all these special occasions we've learnt a few things when it comes to Giving. We know the act of Giving is a sure fire way to tap into our caring instincts and make you feel good. It’s all those sweet endorphins we feel when we’re treating someone to something irresistibly special.

We've created a whole host of innuendo-filled content, asking the very question to some unlikely candidates. We are featuring Veronica, a gorgeous grandma who’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of her big red bus. Then, there’s Danny who predictably states he loves to Receive. And last, but certainly not least, we have Faith, who swings somewhere between Giving and Receiving... and she’s certainly living the best of both worlds. We’re also launching this video alongside our own artwork based on the iconic manual The Joy of Sex hailing from the 1970's...

Craving more? Yeah, we know we have you lusting after all of our delicious content…

Keep your eyes fixated on all our upcoming posts over the coming weeks. And, as we all know it’s more fun in a crowd, join us on social and tell us how you like it… are you a Giver or a Receiver? #TheJoyofGiving

The Joy of Giving

The Joy of Giving