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Moonpig’s New Face of Birthdays

24 Aug 2021


Before we get to the exciting stuff of announcing our winner, here’s a little recap of why we’re all here. To celebrate International Dog Day on August 26th, we launched our cutest and fluffiest competition yet...Moonpig’s New Face of Birthdays! We asked all our fellow dog lovers to submit photos of your perfect pooches for a prize and a chance to have them on a card forever! So now the little scamp that makes you smile every day can make everyone else smile too.

AND BEFORE we announce the winner, we have some fun doggy-related stats for you… (we know, we know, we love the suspense)

  • We had over 3,000 initial entries! That’s 3,000 wagging tails, 6,000 adorable ears and 12,000 paws!

  • During voting almost 900 members of the public had their say.

  • Our winning dog received 314 votes!



We mean come on. Just look at that face. Our hearts. Our winning Rosie is a 14-month old German Shepherd from Hull, East Yorkshire and has one of the cutest faces we have ever seen. And now her face is going to be on a Moonpig card forever!

A little word from Natalie Gethin, one of our judging panel, about Queen Rosie. “We saw a lot of comments from the public on how wonderful it was to see big dogs represented in our finalists, and we know German Shepherds can be real gentle giants. Rosie's beautiful smile and appropriate outfit clearly won over the public too!” We also, caught up with Rosie's mum Meg, to tell us all about her & her pooch below!

Rose - Winner Pup

How do you feel about Rosie winning Moonpig's competition for the cutest dog?

I am so proud of her, in my eyes she is the cutest dog ever but I guess I am biased as I’m her mum! It’s great to see a German Shepherd winning a competition like this as I know sometimes they are perceived as these big scary aggressive dogs, I don’t understand the bad name they have because honestly Rosie is a big soft cuddly bear and would not hurt a fly quite literally!

What is your favourite memory with Rosie?

I have to say the moment I brought her home, she slotted right in and our little family felt complete.

What exactly makes Rosie so cute?

It’s got to be her ears, one is floppy and the other stands straight. It’s a very unique look and I think will keep her looking forever young! She also has a constant smile on her face.

Does Rosie have any funny habits or talents?

I have worked quite hard training Rosie and she will not take food from me until I tell her ‘okay’, she can also bark on command just by using a hand gesture. She has also taught herself how to open the baby gate if it is not clicked shut!

If you could describe Rosie's personality in 3 words what would they be OR if Rosie was a celebrity or character, who would she be?

3 words to describe her personality: Loveable, playful & clumsy!

Does Rosie have a favourite treat and toys?

Her favourite treat has to be the most stinky, a tripe stick! Her favourite toy is a ball, she would play with one all day if she could!

What is a moment when Rosie has made you or other's smile?

The fact she still thinks she is small enough to sit on your knee, although she’s very heavy we don’t complain as she gives the best cuddles!

We also wanted to share our adorable ‘runner-pups’, because honestly it would be a crime not to.


Our runner-pup number one is Frank, a 15 week old miniature silver and black dapple longhair dachshund. He is based in South West London and he stole our hearts about 0.1 seconds after we saw him. We have yet to recover.

Frank - Runner Pup


Our runner-pup number two is Jeremy, a 3 year old Rottweiler from Lincoln. What a handsome and distinguished gentleman he is.

Jeremy - Runner Pup


And finally, our runner-pup number three is Roo, a crossbreed rescued from Cyprus who will be 3 in November! Roo lives in Leamington Spa and spends 23 hours every day being adorable, and spends the other hour being SUPER adorable.

Roo - Runner Pup

Explore our whole range of birthday cards here, or if you want to send one ‘from the pet’ we have loads of pawfect designs right here so you can wish your favourites a happy birthday from their very own dog!