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Milestone Birthday Cards for Her

29 Jul 2021

Special Cards for Special Birthdays

Although they come around every year (funny that), no birthday is ever the same. Each age has a unique feeling and you celebrate them differently as the years roll on. So, whether she’s turning 1, 10 or 100, it’s important to mark those special milestones along the way and make her feel like a million bucks, whatever the number on the card is.

Brand New Bebes (0-1)

The 1st birthday card is the only card that serves a double purpose. Congratulating the cute little bubba for being cute, and congratulating the extremely tired parents on keeping a human alive for an entire year.

Single Digits (2-9)

The decade when they transform from a small angry baby into a fully grown adult (or does it just feel that way?). Time moves fast, so make sure to celebrate those big birthdays along the way and make some memories.

Teens and Tweens (10-17)

Those delightfully awkward years when they learn to slam doors, get braces and feel angst. It’s a tough old time, so the least they deserve is a specially selected birthday card with something embarrassing written inside.

Cheers! (18)

It’s time to pop the cork and raise a glass to the birthday girl!

The BIG 2-1

Okay WHEN did she become a proper, fully grown, official adult?? It seems like yesterday that she was in nappies. We’re not crying, you’re crying. 

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Our Top Picks

The Glory Days (30-60)

They say 30 is the new 20. And 40 is the new 30… and we think 50 is the new 40. Whatever her real/new age, celebrate her glory days with a card that sums her up perfectly.

The Golden Years (70-100)

She’s retired, thriving and almost eligible for a birthday letter from the Queen. She’s already living the dream, but why not make that dream even better with a milestone birthday card?!

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