Star Wars Gifts & Cards

Star Wars Gifts

You don't have to go to a galaxy far, far away to find a Star Wars gift they'll really love. From Stormtrooper speakers and Millennium Falcon construction kits to custom text t-shirts and personalised mugs, explore our expansive range of gifts for Star Wars fans.

Star Wars Gift Ideas By Character

Be a gift-giving Jedi with our unique range of Star Wars Gift Ideas. We've got all the characters: the good guys, the villains, and plenty of beings in between. Cheer them up with a Chewbacca mug or put a smile on their face with a Stormtrooper gift.

Star Wars Birthday Cards

Whether it's a kid’s party or you're welcoming them to The Dark Side with yet another milestone birthday, surprise them with one of our Star Wars cards. We’ve got funny ones, pun-filled ones, and personalised ones.

Star Wars Cards & Gifts

The Star Wars saga has been a cult classic for decades now, and with it follows a fanbase that shows no signs of slowing down. Celebrate a Star Wars enthusiast’s special day with our range of space-inspired cards and gifts. From funny cards to cool gadgets to decorative balloons, there’s bound to be something in our Star Wars range for that friend or family member who can’t get enough of the much-adored franchise.

Star Wars Gifts

Whether you're team Stormtrooper and Darth Vader or Chewbacca and R2-D2, we have a selection of Star Wars gifts for him, her, and the kids. Explore our customisable Princess Leia, Rey, Luke Skywalker, and Master Yoda t-shirts and photo upload Star Wars mugs. We also have niche gifts, like our Star Wars BB-8 egg cup or scratch off movie list that’ll get them out of the Dark Side in no time.

Star Wars Birthday Cards

Give them an out of this world surprise with one of our Star Wars birthday cards. The Force is Strong with our selection of the original trilogy, Rogue One, and The Force Reawakens Star Wars cards. We also have Star Wars Christmas, Valentine's, Happy Anniversary, Mother's Day and Father's Day cards. From romantic Princess Leia + Han Solo cards to brilliantly deadpan Darth Vader ones, we’ve got the right card for their vibe.

Star Wars Yoda Card

Yoda may be small, but he sure knows how to send a big birthday wish. That’s why our Star Wars Yoda Cards are pretty popular with fans of the franchise. Choose from cards with famous Yoda quotes, cards with hilarious puns, and add custom text to make it even more personal. You can choose from a standard sized card, large card or a giant one, or if you’d like to get several, stock up with a pack of four!