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Mother’s Day Cards for Every Mum

The perfect cards to match her personality

25 Feb 2021

Yo Mum, We Love You

She’s a hero that goes by many names. Sometimes Mum, sometimes Mummy, occasionally Mother. Will also answer to Mamma, Ma, Mam, Nana and in times of emergency, Muuuuuuuuum. In the end though it doesn’t matter what you call her, because the most important thing is just how much you love her. Telling her how incredible she is should be a 365 day a year kind of celebration, but if you had to pick one day to go all out and make her feel extra special, Mother’s Day is the one.

So, whether you’ve got yourself a cool Mum, a crafty Mum, a musical Mum, an outdoorsy Mum or someone who’s just as good as a Mum to you, we’ve got the perfect Mother’s Day cards to match her personality.

The Crafty Mum

Look, it has to be said. Lockdown made crafty Mums of us all, even if our only child is a plant. There ain’t a hobby under the sun that we haven’t turned to in boredom over the last year, to varying degrees of success and commitment. (RIP to all the pom-poms that didn’t make it, and the half finished paint by numbers gathering dust under our bed.) But for all the actual real-life craft Mums out there, we’ve got just the Mother’s Day cards they’ll want to stick straight into their scrapbooks.

Perfect cards for a Crafty Mum

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The Cool Mum

‘I’m not a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom.’

Speaking from personal experience, sometimes your mum is just cooler than you. Don’t fight it, just enjoy the ride and bask in her amazing glory. And what better way to celebrate your very own living legend than with a Mother’s Day card as badass as she is?!

Perfect cards for a Cool Mum

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The Funny Mum

It doesn’t matter if you’re joking with her or at her, she’s always the most hilarious person in the room. If you’ve had enough of the soppy b*llocks on Mother’s Day, why not give her a card that’ll make her laugh her tits off.

Perfect cards for a Funny Mum

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The Foodie Mum

You know what, breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day is a sure-fire winner (hint, hint). The breakfast doesn’t even have to be made with any kind of skill, the presence of the bed makes it taste at least 60% better. Honestly, we could have a dry Ritz cracker brought to us in bed and it would make us feel like the food critic in Ratatouille. So, if your foodie mum is a cupcake queen, a professional cheese connoisseur or roast dinner royalty, show her some love this Mother’s Day with the perfect delicious card.

Perfect cards for a Foodie Mum

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The Sporty Mum

For all the Mums who are inexplicably fitter than us, despite being born in the 60s. The ones that wake up at 6am for a light 40km hike, the ones who can do a downward facing dog whilst cooking dinner, and the ones who can bench press you...and dad...and the dog. We’ve got some fun Mother’s Day cards to celebrate how bonkers they are, and really make them smile.

Perfect cards for a Sporty Mum

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The Always Busy Mum

The Mum who seems to move at the speed of light, who manages to multitask whilst multitasking and has a million and one things to get done each day. She might have a to-do list as long as the year 2020, but being an incredible Mum is always top of the list. This Mother’s Day is a great excuse to make her put her feet up and relax, because she bloody well deserves it. ized. Although they can seem a little shy when you first meet them, if you give them time to get to know you, they’ll open up and be loyal for life. Some might call it picky, but we just call it knowing exactly what you’re looking for, and once they’ve found it, you’ve got yourself a soulmate. So, the perfect way to celebrate the small, sweet moments for your Virgo this Valentine’s Day is with a heartfelt card.

Perfect cards for an Always Busy Mum

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The Laid Back Mum

For the gal that can’t be shaken by anything. The one who responds with ‘that’s nice, love’ to almost anything. ‘Mum, I’ve just won the lottery!’, ‘Mum, I’m pregnant!’, ‘Mum I just accidentally hit dad with the car!’. We appreciate your unwavering support and amazing ability to keep us calm in stormy seas. So, celebrate Mother’s Day this year with a card that’s just as magic as her.almost anyone. With an incredible imagination, the best way to knock their socks off this Valentine’s Day is with a card as magical as they are.

Perfect cards for a Laid Back Mum

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The Outdoorsy Mum

This one’s for all the green-fingered Mammas out there. The ones who have that incredible knack for not killing their plants and who always know the latin names of flowers. We are in awe of you and want to be you when we grow up. So if you’ve got a Mum who permanently lives in her crocs, wellies and gardening jacket, we’ve got just the Mothers Day cards she’ll want to hang up in the greenhouse.

Perfect cards for an Outdoorsy Mum

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The Brand New Mum

There’s something amazing about experiencing your first ever Mother’s Day as an actual bonafide Mother, and it only happens once. We don’t think plants technically count, but the first year with our monstera was still pretty special. Sad it couldn’t write us a card tho. Anyway, it’s time to big-up your brand new mums and mum-to-be’s with a card that celebrates just how inspiring they are to you!

Perfect cards for a New Mum

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The Cocktail-Lovin' Mum

Being tipsy truly is an art form, and if you’ve got yourself a ‘gin artiste’ then we’ve got the boozy Mother’s Day cards she’ll love. Cheers to that!

Perfect cards for a Cocktail-Lovin' Mum

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The Musical Mum

Mammmaaaaaaaaa oooooooooh!

If she’s a shower opera singer, a traffic-jam ballad belter or someone who’s party trick is singing both parts to ‘Islands in the Stream’, we’ve got the musical themed Mother’s Day cards she’ll go gaga for.

Perfect cards for a Musical Mum

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The Not Technically Your Mum, But Just as Good as One Mum

Pregnancy cravings, swollen ankles and epidurals aren’t the only things that make a Mum. Sometimes the people in our lives that give us the most love, support and joy are our foster mums, step-mums, dads or real-life cheerleaders. Mum is just a word after all, and Mother’s Day shouldn’t just be reserved for those that pushed you out their hoo-has. It’s a day to celebrate the incredible people that make your life better by being in it, and show them how much you love them with a heartfelt card.

Perfect cards for a Not Technically Your Mum, But Just as Good as One Mum

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