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Moonpig x Heinz Smilestones Collection

21 Sept 2022

Introducing Moonpig x Heinz Family Smilestones Cards

Oh, baby! We’ve been up to something very exciting here at Moonpig HQ. Working with Heinz Family, we’ve created a collection of ‘New Baby’ cards celebrating the exciting, messy and too-adorable-to-cope-with moments of welcoming a new bundle of joy into the world. From their first (and definitely not last) poonami to receiving constant unwanted advice, this is the perfect range for sending some love and excitement to all new parents!

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Launching in September, which marks the busiest birthday month of the year, this range is inspired by that first joyful, exciting and utterly mind boggling year of being a new parent. To celebrate these special milestones (or ‘smilestones’ as we’re calling them), Heinz Family spoke to 1,000 UK parents and carers to identify their most memorable moments. From getting excited about their baby’s first smile (only to soon realise it was just gas…) to finally perfecting that post-feed burping technique, each of the seven cards in the new Smilestones collection is inspired by real and relatable moments revealed by the research.


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Want to know what the UK has voted as their top ten smilestones? Of course you do! Whether it’s that first gas-filled smile or crying together for no reason, these are the real memory-making moments of that first year:

UK's Top Ten New Parent Smilestones

1. Nodding and smiling while receiving unwanted baby advice 

2. The first time you got five hours’ uninterrupted sleep 

3. The first public ‘poonami’ 

4. Laughing and/or crying with your baby together at the same time

5. When your baby smiles for the first time but it’s actually gas 

6. Your baby putting something they shouldn’t in their mouth 

7. Successfully managing to make your baby burp after a feed 

8. Your baby vomiting near you (but not on you) 

9. Your baby refusing to eat the food they loved the previous week

10. Finally working out how to unfold the buggy for the first time

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While we’re on the topic of celebrating all things baby, did you know that we’ve also got a huge range of new baby toys and keepsakes that are the perfect companion to one of our Smilestones cards? From cuddly, snuggly toys that’ll soon become baby’s best friend to memory boxes they’ll be able to keep forever, there’s only one way to celebrate that little bundle of joy, and that’s with Moonpig.