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Top 8 Cards to Get You Some Action this Valentine's Day

The best cheeky Valentine's cards

1 Mar 2021

8 Cards Guaranteed to Get You Some Action This Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day, it’s time to swap the soppy for the spicy!

Bring out your cheeky side and heat things up at home with our finest naughty cards, here to help you get some lockdown lovin’.

If you’re not the best at flirting, have no fear... Because these 8 cheeky cards are almost certainly guaranteed to get you get some action. Cos if you can’t go out-out, you may as well go in-out!

Beware: These 8 cards contain very cheeky innuendos that some may find shocking!

8. Sexy Peel

There’s a bunch of reasons why we think this brilliant banana card will increase your chances of action; It’s cute, it’s complimentary and it’s kind of romantic (there’s hearts!)

Excuse if it backfires: “I’m bananas about you!”

Sorry About The First 9 Months Funny Mother's Day Card

7. To do list

Working from home? Clear your schedule because it will be ‘business’ time after you send this card! They say it’s good to set clear targets, actions and goals. Give this card to your target, start the action, achieve your goal.

Excuse if it backfires: “Strange, the post-it was meant to say ‘You are wonderful!’”

Alcohol Free Mother's Day Card Moonpig

6. Action

The classic poem with a twist. If your partner appreciates a good pun, this card will hopefully ̶d̶o̶l̶l̶ do the trick. Action Man certainly tells it how it is.

Idea: Maybe get a single rose to give to your partner, so the Action Man doesn’t outdo you.

Gin-etics Youthful Looks Mother's Day Moonpig

5. Outta this world

Hopefully this card eclipses their expectation and helps you get astrophysical. And, if they really know their planets, feel free to use the line “You’re hotter than Venus!” That HAS to work.

Idea: Do NOT mention Uranus

When Life Gives You Lemons Gin Mothers Day Card

4. I’d tap that

Put your cards on the table with this simple straight-talking pun! Hopefully, your advances don’t get declined and you can spend some quality time together.

Idea: If they look impressed with the card, ask them (seductively) if they’d like to open an account! 😉

From Your Favourite (Not Gin) Funny Mother's Day Card

3. Blow me

Everyone loves balloons, right? So, who could resist this inflatable featuring a cheeky smile and a naughty innuendo. Hopefully love is in the air after they receive this card.

Excuse if it backfires: “It has a deeper meaning. I love you so much I could burst.”

Blow Me MP

2. Wine innuendos

This one might be the most graphic of our top 8, so maybe give this to your partner after a few glasses of vino! It features not one, but four naughty puns. Hopefully your partner in wine will appreciate them and get the hint.

Idea: Treat your partner to a special bottle

Wanna screw MP

1. Fork

This card, featuring a very charming piece of cutlery, is certainly straight to the point! Hopefully it gets the ̶s̶p̶o̶r̶k̶s̶ sparks flying between you.

Idea: if it’s met with a blunt reaction, you may have to just settle for a cheeky spoon.

Wanna fork MP

IF none of these work, try your picking another naughty card from our range.