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What to Expect from Your Moonpig Flowers

21 Feb 2021

What To Expect From Your Moonpig Flowers

You’re thinking about surprising someone with a gorgeous bouquet of Moonpig flowers – you wonderful person, you! But maybe you’re a little curious about what to expect when your beautiful blooms finally arrive.

Well, not to worry – because we’ve created this brilliant guide to tell you everything you wanted to know about Moonpig flowers (but were too afraid to ask).

How Are The Flowers Delivered?

When your flowers arrive at your doorstep, a courier will attempt to deliver them by hand, in person. Our couriers deliver between 8am-9pm, so please keep this in mind (especially if you’re trying to place an order to an office or non-residential address). By using couriers and next working day delivery, we can ensure the flowers arrive in the best condition possible.

Because we want you to get your flowers in their best condition, our couriers will always do everything they can to deliver your flowers on the stated delivery day. If nobody is in when our couriers attempt delivery, they will leave your flowers in a safe place on your property or with a neighbour.

 How Are Our Flowers Packaged? 

Your flowers will arrive in one of our specially designed Moonpig flower boxes. We’ve carefully designed the box to eliminate any impact and keep your flowers safe and sound on the way to their destination. Your flowers will arrive wrapped in cellophane or kraft paper, hand-tied by our expert florists.  

Packed For Extra Freshness

To make sure your flowers arrive fresh as a daisy, we pack them with something we like to call our ‘fresh mesh’. It’s a special soaked fibre that we place at the base of your flower stems, filled with water and flower food to keep your flowers fresh and hydrated from the moment they leave flower HQ to the moment they arrive on your doorstep.

How Do You Send Letterbox Flowers?

Have you ordered some of our special letterbox flowers? Clever you! Our letterbox friendly packaging, as the name implies, is designed to slide straight through your letterbox for even easier delivery. Like our other flowers, the letterbox flowers are delivered by courier.

Why Do The Flowers Look Closed? Cause They’re In Bud!

When we send out your flowers, they are in bud – which means they’re only partially open. By sending your flowers while they’re still in bud, you will be able to enjoy your gorgeous flowers the entire time they’re looking their best – when they’re in bloom. Flowers in bud are also better protected against movement, so they’re a lot less likely to suffer any bumps or bruises while they’re on their way to you. The first few days after they arrive, you will be able to enjoy your flowers at their freshest as they open more day by day. After about three to four days, the flowers should open in full.

Why Do The Outer Petals Look Different?

When you’ve unboxed your beautiful blooms and popped them in the perfect vase, you may notice that some of the outer petals of each flower might not be as perky looking as the rest of the flower. Relax, this is totally normal. In the flower biz we call these ‘guard petals’ – they’re the outer petals of the flower, which guard the bud as the flower is developing and opening. You can remove these guard petals if you fancy, but we love to enjoy our roses in their natural beauty, guard petals included!

What Should I Do When My Flowers Arrive?

When your flowers are delivered, they’ll need a little bit of love to keep them looking their best. When they first arrive, you’ll want to do a few things:

  1. Trim Stems:


    When they first arrive, grab a pair of scissors and cut the flower stems approximately 2cm from the base at a 45-degree angle – just a nice diagonal – before you pop them in water.

  2. Add Flower Food:


    You’ll notice that we also pop a little packet of flower food in with your flowers – this is full of loads of lovely nutrients that will keep your flowers fed and happy and looking their best for longer. Pop it in the water when you’re filling up your vase.

  3. Place In Water:


    When your flowers first arrive, they’ll probably have absorbed most of the water and plant food from the nourishing wrap, so they’ll be getting a bit thirsty soon – so be sure to pop them in a vase full of water as soon as possible.

Our 7-Day Freshness Guarantee

If you follow all these tips, your flowers will look gorgeous and stay that way for at least seven days. If after following all our tips and advice, and your flowers still don’t last for 7 days, then drop us a line – we will be more than happy to replace your flowers for you.

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Roxanne Hartley

Senior Flowers Buyer