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Why Moonpig Flowers?

We know better than anyone the power of sending flowers to express something special. It’s personal… A gesture both perfectly picked and packed with emotion. Which is why you need to know your chosen blooms are going to look absolutely stunning when they arrive – ready to make that thought count.

When it comes to flowers, we know our stuff. In fact, our very own team of Moonpig flower experts are a creative little bunch – with experience stemming from over 18 years in the floral industry between them. And trust us, they really put the time in too… Visiting growers and flower shows across the UK, Holland and Kenya to source new varieties; and uncovering the trends and research at the forefront of flower innovation. It’s this effort, expertise and inspiration that grows into every one of our stunning range of blooms and bouquets – each hand-arranged by highly-skilled and caring florists that have been with us for years. Better still, it’s this personal passion that sets Moonpig flowers apart, and why – whatever the occasion – you can rely on us to deliver flowers that speak beyond words.

Super-fast means super fresh… We make sure of it!

When your flowers get to us, they’ve been freshly cut from the plant. The moment your order comes in, our florists get cracking, expertly arranging your flowers, adding that finishing touch and, the second it’s finished, sending your bouquet on its way. No journey is complete without snacks and supplies… Which is why we use ‘fresh mesh’ packaging: soaked in water and flower food - to keep your bouquet happy and hydrated while they zoom on their way! Naturally, we only use the freshest flowers and guarantee that when they reach their happy recipient, they will last at least 5 days. Or we’ll give you your money back. Simple as that.

We really know the people who grow your flowers!

Flowers are great to show someone you know them, but did you know we know who grows ’em? Yes indeed. We source flowers and plants from all over the world. Whether from a farm in Lincolnshire or a Dutch flower market, we can follow your flowers all the way back to the farm where they grew up. Our flower team make sure to visit these farms every year, just to make sure we’re happy, they are happy and everyone is getting the cream of the crop. Better still, we are very proud supporters of both British and Fair Trade farms. In fact, our biggest partner in Kenya – who grow most of our roses – have made fantastic developments with renewable energy, minimising waste and providing free healthcare for all their workers… Growing a great crop and a fantastic culture too. Hello gorgeous!

We make sure your flowers arrive looking fantastic – a proper gift with that truly personal touch. So just as it would if you were sending it yourself, we go above and beyond to make sure everything arrives in one big perfect package. This means as soon as your florist has finished hand-arranging your bouquet, they’ll place your flowers, card, and any cheeky little extras in a big, sturdy box – especially designed with lots of different compartments to keeps your flowers safe, neat and happy. There’s a care guide included too that explaining exactly how to care for your flowers and get the best out of them. Or you can find it right here on our website. ’Cos we’re a thoughtful bunch.

Explore our range of flowers & plants here.