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Moonpig X Laura Whitmore

Creating the Laura Bouquet

4 Nov 2020

Behind the Scenes: Creating ‘The Laura’ Bouquet 

In case you missed it, we’ve recently launched a stunning bouquet in collaboration with Love Island host, Laura Whitmore, and we couldn’t be more excited!

It was an absolute hoot creating The Laura bouquet with our fav presenter. We visited her gorgeous home in London for the photoshoot and even got to meet her adorable little doggo, Mick, a refined little gentleman partial to cheese (same Mick, same). In fact, we found ourselves bribing the little munchkin with treats in order for us to take a couple of snaps with the bouquet, too...jealous?

We were joined by our wonderful flower expert, Roxanne who sat down with Laura to discuss how exactly to take care of ‘The Laura’ and how to arrange it. So for anyone looking to learn a little more about flowers and their meanings - she’s here for us all!

When it came to the design, Laura and the Moonpig team focused on colours and her favourite flowers. ‘I like really bright colours...yellow is my favourite colour. I love yellow roses - sometimes it’s hard to get them’. 

With this in mind, we’re going to dive a little deeper into the bouquet too and explore the meanings behind these colourful blooms, as it really was the main influence behind the bouquet and sums up the lovely presenter just perfectly - it’s bright, fun and full of colour! 


‘We’re kind of in autumn now and I like the autumnal look. I still like the summer vibe - you’ve got a bit of orange as well. There’s almost like a wild-flower look to this.’ We couldn’t agree more and that’s why we decided on an array of yellow roses and gerberas which represent joy, lightheartedness and are, simply put, sunshine on stalks. They symbolize friendship, new beginnings and happiness! Making them a delightful choice to uplift the spirits of those you love, especially if they’re having a hard time. 

We also found out that Laura was a huge fan of sunflowers (who isn’t?) but as they are a seasonal bloom, we decided to mimic their look by using these big gerberas which have a similar symmetrical shape and colour.


The bouquet is sprinkled with pink Miss Piggy Roses - isn’t that the best flower name you’ve ever heard? Traditionally, pink symbolizes femininity and embodies courage and a truly unique spirit, and so a pink floral arrangement is always thought to represent joyfulness and love. They can act as a reminder to an old friend that you’re thinking of them or a note to your gran, or a way to thank your mum for all she’s done for you.


The Laura bouquet also features hints of beautiful Pom Pom santini and pale pink wax flowers, their stems even smell like lemons! Purple is typically considered to be one of the rarest colours in nature, making these blossoms perfect for someone you may want to wish good luck to. 


The blooms also include a few clusters of red ypericum berries. Probably one of the boldest colours - if not the boldest - red is often associated with love, passion and romance, especially when it comes to roses. But our choice for The Laura is a lot more subtle, making the bouquet a versatile choice to gift to friends and family, not just bae. 


To get that autumnal look, we’ve used tanacetum, which mimic the look of fresh daisies in a meadow. We’re just obsessed with how dainty and pretty they are! Along with white Ammi Majus, they make great fillers for this bouquet. Although white flowers often symbolize sympathy, they also represent new beginnings, new arrivals and beautiful simplicity. They are the perfect addition to the bouquet to make someone smile whether they’re 8 hours or 80 years old. 

The Laura bouquet will only be available for a limited amount of time, so be sure to get your order in quickly! 

The Laura Bouquet

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