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Heartfelt At Mother's Day

Mother's Day Event 2019

16 Feb 2020

#HeartfeltWithMoonpig: Raising a Glass to Mums at Our Manchester Event

It’s hard to describe the importance of mums in our lives. From the morning sickness and constant backache of pregnancy to the sleepless nights as we head to university, and the eventual grandma babysitting duties, mums are the most dependable part of our lives from the moment we’re born.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching (it’s March 22nd this year in case you didn’t know!) we wanted to do something amazing to help spread the Mother’s Day love for a group of lucky bloggers and the mother-figure in their lives.

That’s why we headed to Manchester on Friday 7th February to host a Mother’s Day event filled with love, laughter and plenty of cocktails. It was held at the stunning Whitworth Locke venue in Manchester’s Civic Quarter, and this beautifully tranquil 19th-century setting, with its rustic exposed brick walls and dazzling botanical display, made for the perfect setting to celebrate our mothers with some fun activities and bonding time.

Upon arrival, our guests were treated to a glass of chilled prosecco and a selection of mouth-watering food, including some delicious quinoa salad and beef sliders bursting with flavour. As we all marvelled at our surroundings and had our taste buds tickled by the food, our selection of experts prepared the activities.

There were four activities planned for the evening, every one designed to provide our guests with the opportunity to create their own perfect Mother’s Day gift, and each one using the fantastic range of products available from Moonpig.

The first session was a true Moonpig classic – making photo cards. We set up a green screen for our guests to take their own photos, ranging from cute and heartfelt to fun and cheeky. We then provided everyone with a laptop, so they could navigate the Moonpig website and easily create their own beautiful personalised Mother’s Day photo cards – perfect for putting a huge smile on mum’s face every time she sees it.

After we’d made the perfect Mother’s Day cards, we introduced the group to our flower expert, Roxanne. The room was full of bright and colourful buckets, each filled with the most vibrant flowers Moonpig has to offer. Once our guests had selected the flowers they wanted, Roxanne was able to guide everyone through the process of beautifully wrapping them, ready to be presented to a devoted mum and make her day. Once we’d created our cards and gifts it was time to move onto cocktail making, naturally one of the most hotly anticipated parts of the day! The team from Mix and Twist taught us all how to create some seriously tasty cocktails with the wide selection of alcohol on offer on the Moonpig website. For their cocktails, guests were able to use either Bloom Gin, Chase Vodka, Lanson Black Label Champagne…or all of them! Everyone had great fun learning about the different flavours used to make the perfect drink. Oh, and they got to drink them too - an added bonus!

Finally, to wind down our evening in style, what better way to treat our hardworking and ever-loving mums on their special day than by pampering them with a relaxing treatment? The beauty and holistic therapists from Glo gave everyone a calming hand massage to unwind at the end of an exciting evening of making and creating.

At the end of the evening, our guests were sent away with the perfect gift to share with their mum, a letterbox pamper gift set. This gift set includes everything they need for a relaxing evening at home, helping them share more precious moments together and celebrate the unbreakable bond between a mother and her children.

Our Mother’s Day event was a great opportunity to help our guests connect with their own mums through engaging activities, providing unforgettable memories that will last forever whilst also finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift in the process. Hopefully, it’s also helped inspire you ahead of this year’s Mother’s Day, just remember…heartfelt can happen anywhere.

Happy Mother’s Day!