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Moonpig's Gaming Dictionary

8 Apr 2021

Video Game Language For Noobs

Ever sat watching someone play a video game and wondered what language they’re speaking? Noob, floss and loot? Is it Latin? Are they talking in tongues? Well, you’re not alone because we had absolutely no idea either.

Since we’ve all been trying to learn new things during the pandemic started (to varying levels of success...we’re sorry to have been ignoring you ‘Introduction to Particle Physics’) we’ve done some research so you can impress your children, nieces and nephews with your sick mastery of...drum roll please...gaming language!

In the name of solidarity and leaving no good player behind, we’ve got the definitive list of cool kid internet slang to use so your kids think you’re cool.


A harder or much larger enemy that’s usually at the end of a level. Often one of the major enemies in a game who has to be defeated to continue playing.

“Oh man, defeating this giant fire breathing lizard boss is harder than that time I tried to learn particle physics”


Items like treasure, coins, gems, weapons or armour that you collect during a game. For Sonic, it’s rings. For Mario Kart, it’s coins. For Warhammer, it’s armour and for Pokémon it’s...well, the hella-cute little Pokémon. You get the idea. The same rule applies to loot as it does to donuts, the more the better.

“Look at all my loot! I’m rich! I’M RICH!”

Noob (or N00b)

This popular term (also spelled with two zeros because, ya know, youth) is used to describe a player who is new to the video game world and doesn’t have any particular skills yet. Also known as a ‘newbie’, they sit at the bottom of the video game pecking order.

“Omg did you just crash your Kart after 12 seconds? Classic Noob.”


Another way to describe winning or ‘dominating’ a game. The word came into being from a fateful typo of the word ‘own’, where the letter ‘p’ was used instead of ‘o’. Easily done my friend, easily dnpe.

“We just totally pwned this definition of pwn.”


Different from the movie with the tall blue people that made you cry. Avatars in the video game world are the little digital representations of each player. Think the adorable bobble heads on the Wii, or the cute little mushroom in Mario Kart.

“My Avatar is in better shape than me. Gosh I need to eat less donuts.”


When an experienced gamer pretends to be a beginner by hiding their identity with a new account. The term ‘smurfing’ itself comes from veteran players choosing the username ‘Papa Smurf’ (like the classic cartoon) in order to trick less skilled players and score high.

“Muuuuum I can’t clean my room right now, I’m too busy smurfing noobs to boost my self esteem.”


Short for ‘Non Playable Characters’. So, characters in the game that aren’t controlled by anyone who either guide you through the levels or act as bosses you battle against.

“My favourite NPC is the mask in Crash Bandicoot. Love when he says Ooga Booga. He’s so cool.”


A word unique to Mario Kart (and their infamous blue shell weapons). It’s used when you are inches from crossing the finish line in first place, only to be knocked off course by a sneaky little spiky shell.



A shortened version of the phrase ‘for the win’. It refers to the final winning move/action/play in a game.

“I’m about to blue-shell my son. NO REGRETS. FTW!”


A popular dance move where someone repeatedly swings their arms left and right. Not what you lie to your dentist about doing every day.

“Please, I haven’t slept in weeks. I just...can’t...stop...flossing.”

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