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We Head to Edinburgh to Say Thank You to Dads this Father’s Day

Father's Day Event

7 May 2019

We Head to Edinburgh to Say Thank You to Dads this Father’s Day

Dads are the best, right? Aside from their terrible choice of bands and attempts to embarrass us in front of our friends. Still, they give so much back to us that we can forgive them for the odd lecture about leaving lights on around the house and how “music was so much better when I was your age.”

It’s almost time to thank your dad with a special Father’s Day gift, but this year we wanted to make an even more touching salute to dads across the world. Where better to do so than in the beautiful and historic city of Edinburgh?

Joined by a group of bloggers and their loved ones, we headed up to Scotland for a Father’s Day-themed afternoon of creativity and fun. Our venue was the frankly stunning Cannonball Restaurant & Bar. It’s situated in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle, and we couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate our dads and how much they mean to us.

Upon arrival, each of our delightful guests was handed a glass of prosecco or a beer. After some introductions and chat (alongside a good few swigs of our chosen drink), the afternoon of activities could begin.

First up, our guests sat down with our resident brand expert. We gave them an introduction into what Moonpig is all about, explaining that we pride ourselves on uniting dads with their loved ones every Father’s Day. At Moonpig, we feel it’s really important to provide the opportunity to show our loved ones how appreciated they are.

We then split off into two groups, with each working in rotation throughout the day to take part in three exciting activities. First up was something quintessentially Moonpig: making our own Father’s Day card.

Every dad is totally unique, whether it’s his frankly terrible choice of shirt or cheesy brand of dad jokes, we created some truly memorable cards that put him front and centre. Thanks to a green screen, we were able to do just that – with results that got everyone laughing! From shark attacks to giraffe riding, the green screen transported our guests into any number of exhilarating scenarios. These pictures were then placed on a heartfelt, and often hilarious, Father’s Day greeting card.

On table two, our lucky guests tucked into grub fit for a king. We were joined by one of Cannonball’s Head Chefs, Adrian, for a masterclass in seafood cooking. We began with the most elaborate and tricky-to-prepare seafood of them all – oysters. Adrian taught us the perfect technique for ‘shucking’, the term used for removing the meat from fresh oysters. A delicate skill, our guests quickly learned a valuable new talent for impressing their next dinner party guests.

Adrian also gave us his expert insight into choosing the right oysters. Hint: look for shells that are bright and clean and never buy oysters with open shells.

Once we’d given the oysters the all-important taste test, we moved onto preparing another of the sea’s most delectable offerings – scallops. Just like a well-executed dad joke, they required the perfect timing to get them just right. With the help of Adrian, our guests were able to go home able to prepare some of the trickiest dishes, all courtesy one of the very best chefs in the area.

The final part of the cooking masterclass involved food that many of us know and love - cheese. Adrian took our guests through the ultimate cheese platter, perfect for those dads who can often be found tucking into the refrigerator late at night. Featuring some of Scotland’s finest cheeses, it’s fair to say our guests didn’t leave the food masterclass with an empty stomach.

After a break, giving our guests another opportunity to mingle and digest some of that wonderful food, we got stuck into the final activity of the day – cocktail making. We couldn’t head all the way to Scotland without sampling their finest national drinks, so Michael from Edinburgh Gin walked us through some divine gin and whisky cocktails.

Using the very best spirits as their base, our guests became mixologists for the day. By the end, they had two new cocktail recipes that are sure to please dad not just on Father’s Day, but any day of the year.

You didn’t have to be a dad to enjoy our Father’s Day-themed afternoon. Aside from learning new skills and tips that will impress any member of the family, it was fantastic to meet new people and share stories of how rewarding a dad’s bond can be.

We don’t allow anyone to leave empty-handed after a Moonpig event, so each guest was given an extra thoughtful hamper to remember their experience by. Filled with treats that any dad will enjoy, our guests headed home armed with everything from their morning brew to late-night snacks.

Happy Father’s Day!