Heartfelt Can Happen Anywhere with our Christmas 2019 TV Advert

Does anything go together better than Christmas and multi-tasking? Well, there’s always Christmas and mince pies… but this time of year can be a tough time to get organised. So many cards to send, so many presents to buy, and so many treats to munch down. That’s why, this Christmas, Moonpig is here to make it easy to send heartfelt and festive wishes to the ones you love. In our new TV advert, we see a granddaughter sending a personalised Christmas card to her beloved nan while attempting to master her famous mince pie recipe.

Even though things in the kitchen didn’t go quite according to plan, the characters in our ad know that the best way to make Christmas 2019 run smoothly is by sending cards with Moonpig. Moonpig’s Christmas ad shows that heartfelt really can happen anywhere and in just a couple of clicks. It’s so easy to send Christmas cards with lots of warm wishes to the ones you love with the Moonpig app.

Make their Christmas card one of a kind with custom text, a bunch of your favourite photos, and you can even add your own handwritten message when using the Moonpig iOS app. Discover our hundreds of Christmas cards featuring one of their festive favourites, such as Tatty Teddy, The Grinch, Woody & Buzz Lightyear, Anna & Elsa, Mickey & Minnie Mouse, and so many more.

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