Moonpig Christmas Postie TV Advert

Our new Christmas TV advert is out and we’re thrilled to be able to share it during this fantastically festive time of year. This year’s story is all about sending cards and gifts to your nearest and dearest – because the perfect present will mean everything!

We are offering 20% off when purchasing a card and a gift together, and because this is such a stellar seasonal offer it’s keeping a postwoman very busy in the lead up to Christmas. Resembling a scene from Santa’s workshop, her sorting room is brimming with Moonpig’s colourful boxes. While she initially looks distressed, she becomes overcome with emotion when she discovers there’s a present just for her in the stacks of boxes (voiced by Diane Morgan).

Christmas is the perfect time to send a card packed full of a year’s worth of life lived, and gratitude for the people who enrich it. There’s so many simple, yet brilliant things that can happen when we all come together to acknowledge each other’s presence in the world. Choose one of our personalised Christmas cards or photo cards that’s just their style and remind them of another fantastic year spent loving one another.

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