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International Friendship Day

Celebrate your Friends

29 Jul 2019

Celebrate International Friends Day

Did you know there’s one special day of the year where you can celebrate all the love, shenanigans, and feels with your closest clan? 30th July is International Friendship Day and it dates all the way back to 1919, with the first official friendship day celebrated in 1935.

Since then, International Friendship Day has been the perfect excuse to show your friends just how important they are to you. Whether you’ve got a big group that makes booking dinner reservations a mess, your own version of a Flossy Posse, or a trusted few, your friends are what make this messy thing called life a bit easier to navigate. There are endless reasons why your friends are the absolute best people in your life, but we’ve picked our top 10 and detailed all the juicy bits below.

They’re the only people who properly understand your terrible jokes Let’s be honest, none of us are the natural-born comedians we like to think we are. Your friends get your terrible jokes and accept your attempt at being sarcastic, witty, cheeky, or clever. No one else would laugh, but they do. That’s because they absolutely get all your little quirks and know you’re one in a melon. Oh yeah, and they put up with all your cringe-worthy food puns.

Your Agony Aunts and Biggest Cheerleaders

No matter what is going on in your life, your friends will always be there for you. Whether they tell you for the 100th time you’re better off without that lamesauce you met on the apps a few months ago or when they’ve listened to you complain about your messy roomie for months, your friends will be by your side through it all. There’s no one else that will listen to you rant endlessly, no matter what. They are the sisters or brothers you always wished you had.

Sister from Another Mister or Brother from Another Mother

We’re not saying siblings aren’t great, because they are. They are some of the best friends you’ll ever have, but there’s nothing quite like your hand-picked peeps that feel like your own family. They confidently stride into your flat and head straight for the fridge, they’re Facebook friends with your parents and give you tough love when you need it (even though you may not want it at the time). You can be completely and unapologetically yourself around them, safe in the knowledge that they’ll love you no matter what.

Lifelong Dance Partner

Close your eyes and picture this: you’re on the dance floor, the DJ starts to play your favourite song (wait, did someone just say Wham, I’m Your Man?), you’re pumped to pull your best dance moves, you turn around and guess who’s just as excited as you are? Your best friend(s). That’s a magic movie-worthy moment right there.

Best Holiday Companions

A spontaneous trip to Spain for the weekend? A two-week holiday in Thailand? Your friends are always ready to book a flight and travel the world with you. Experiences are better because you’re experiencing it all with them hand-in-hand. Plus, who else is better to have on hand when you get sick from the questionable street food you just had to have? They’ll hold back your hair, keep you hydrated, and ensure you never eat food from the disco curry cart ever again.

Your Bodyguards

You’re like Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk all wrapped into one. No one can hurt you so long as your friends are by your side. Together you guys are indestructible and they help you feel strong enough to stand on your own too.

Personal Photographers

Any photo of you on your Instagram that isn’t a selfie was probably taken by one in your gang. They know that your left (or right) is your best side, you prefer photos taken from a certain height, and that they absolutely must take more than one photo. You know all their photography requirements too, because what are best friends for if not to be the ultimate party photographer?

The Keepers of all Your Secrets

They know things about you that no one else does, probably some stuff that could get you fired, including that time you smashed the fire alarm at work to get a half-day out of the office last summer. What makes your foolish antics safe is that they are trusted and locked down with your nearest and dearest. Just don’t bring out the heavy liquor until after the speeches on your wedding day. Besides, isn’t your bestie friends with your old boss on Facebook?

They Help you be the Best Version of Yourself

When you know that someone accepts every bit of you, there’s really no better feeling. Your friends bring out the best in you, even when it feels impossible.

You Can’t Imagine Life Without Them

The Sookie to your Lorelai, the Ross to your Chandler, your friends are your people. It’s practically impossible to imagine what you’d be doing and who you would be without them, and you don’t want to. Make sure you let them know just how special they are, not just on International Friendship Day, but every day.

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