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A Toast To Your Magnificent Mumma!

The best boozy Mother's Day cards and gifts

1 Mar 2021

The best boozy Mother's Day cards and gifts

Mother, Mum, Mam, Mumma, Ma. Whatever you call her, she is a legend! She has done it all, especially for you. Created, carried, birthed, fed, wiped, burped, cuddled, bathed, dried, etc. Now that is love. So, let’s raise a glass to our magnificent Mothers. Because let’s face it, they deserve a drink (and a card, and possibly flowers) for putting up with us!

We did a proper Mum search (you know, the one where they always find the thing that you can’t find anywhere) to bring you the five best booze-related cards for the inspirational women in your life. Plus, five awesome alcoholic gift ideas that your Mum will love, too.

So, which card and tipple will you treat your Ma to this Mother’s Day?

5. Apologies!

Sorry About The First 9 Months Funny Mother's Day Card

Your Mum didn’t drink for nine whole months, because of you! This card is a subtle apology guaranteed to make her smile. Now’s your chance to redeem yourself by treating her to a bottle of bubbly.

This card will go well with:

Bottega Gold 75cl

4. Alcohol-free

Alcohol Free Mother's Day Card Moonpig

Just imagine your Mum’s reaction to an alcohol-free gift! If you’re feeling mischievous, would you risk it? Best to play it safe and get her some of the good stuff too.

This card will go well with:

Sparkling Rosé 20cl and Chocolate Truffle Gift Set

3. Gin-etics

Gin-etics Youthful Looks Mother's Day Moonpig

Is your Mumma aging gracefully? Or should we say ‘A-gin gracefully!’ This cheeky compliment is bound to go down well. Not sure if it’s scientifically true, but if it makes her feel good, it’s ‘gin for the win!’

This card will go well with:

Pink gin gift set

2. Lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons Gin Mothers Day Card

This delicious-looking card includes a playful spin on the classic lemon proverb. If your Mum is a gin lover, this could well become her new motto. P.S. We reckon if you go the extra mile and grab her a bag of lemons too, you’ll definitely become the favourite child!

This card will go well with:

A bag of lemons and this Gordons Pink Gin Gift Set

1. Favourite

From Your Favourite (Not Gin) Funny Mother's Day Card

Another gin-tastic card to make your Mumma giggle. If you’re ready to admit that you share the top spot with gin, then this cheeky card is the one for you.

This card will go well with:

Gin & Tonic Cocktail Hamper

Are these cards not quite tickling your taste buds? We have loads more to choose from.

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