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End Youth Homelessness x Moonpig Charity Christmas Cards

14 Nov 2022

A Christmas Card That Means So Much More

This Christmas, we’re proud to announce that as part of our ongoing partnership with End Youth Homelessness, we’ve teamed up to create an exciting range of exclusive charity cards. As well as promoting a worthy cause and creating some fun festive cards, we’ll be donating £50,000 to End Youth Homelessness, helping to support their mission to end youth homelessness and give vulnerable young people a bright future.

Bringing the spirit of Christmas to loved ones far and wide, part of the joyful range has been designed by young adults who’ve personally received support from End Youth Homelessness, whether that’s training and employment advice, access to mental health services, or a safe place to stay. 

About End Youth Homelessness

End Youth Homelessness is a UK-wide movement of local charities that have joined forces to tackle youth homelessness together. It provides a national platform to raise awareness, share experiences and generate voluntary income. They provide housing, education and support to young people, setting them up for success. To find out more about End Youth Homelessness, just click here!

Meet the Designers

Megan is 18. End Youth Homelessness have provided her with somewhere to live and helped develop her career and life skills. She’s currently studying Health and Social Care at college and would like to work in care in the future.

End Youth Homeless have provided Chloe, 21, with a place to live and are helping her to plan out her future. She’s currently studying hairdressing at college but would like to pursue art in the future and put her creative skills to use. Go, Chloe!

Natasha is 19 and End Youth Homelessness were able to take her out of unfortunate circumstances and into a safe, supportive environment. She loves art and video games and often finds herself drawing characters. We think her Christmas Robin is adorable!

End Youth Homelessness gave Courtney a place to stay and helped her grow in confidence.  Recently, Courtney set up a stall for Great Yarmouth Pride and sold her artwork which garnered lots of praise. We just love her oh-so-festive Christmas card!

Emma is 23 and has received a place to live and been given access to many new opportunities thanks to End Youth Homelessness. She loves art and spends a lot of time doing creative things, but wants to be a firefighter in the future.

End Youth Homelessness have provided Megan, 23, with the tools to grow her confidence and the means to achieve things she didn’t know she could. She loves all things creative and wants to build a career as a photographer. Lights, camera, action!

For a Christmas card that means so much more, check out the End Youth Homelessness x Moonpig range here and show you care in more ways than one.