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Up cycling your Moonpig Box for Valentines Day

Partnership with Crafty Girl Life Hacks

15 Jan 2018

Upcycle your Moonpig box for Valentines Day

Upcycle your Moonpig box for Valentines Day

Always a delight, we’ve teamed up again with the superbly talented Penelope Quinn from Crafty Girl Life Hacks to show us how to make a heart pinata. There’s so many things you can do with one of our rainbow bright boxes, but Penelope shows us how easy it is to upcycle and surprise one of our nearest & dearest at the same time.

Upcycle your Moonpig box and create a handmade Valentine’s Day pinata by following these simple steps.

Craft supplies needed:

  • A Moonpig box

  • Pencil

  • Scissors

  • Masking tape

  • Tissue paper

  • Ribbon

  • Candy

  • Plenty of sweets

  • Stickers (optional)


Instructions for making this Valentine’s Day heart DIY pinata:

  1. Draw a heart and long rectangle strip onto your Moonpig box

  2. Cut out the heart and rectangle strip using scissors or a cutting knife

  3. Using the pencil, trace both the heart and rectangle on the other side of the box to ensure both sides match in dimensions

  4. Cut out the other heart and rectangle strip

  5. Using masking tape, secure the strips to the heart with tape

  6. Tie ribbon in half, place it at the top of the heart, and secure with tape

  7. Place tissue paper into the heart box

  8. Add your sweets and candy

  9. Wrap the tissue paper around the sweets and gather the tissue paper at the bottom of the heart

  10. Tape down the sides of the heart

  11. Tie bottom of tissue paper with a ribbon

  12. Cover box with double-sided tape

  13. Cut 4cm strips of tissue paper

  14. Then, create a fringe effect leaving 1cm at the top

  15. Prepare the double-sided tape for the fringe

  16. Start wrapping the fringe around the heart

  17. Feel free to decorate your pinata with stickers, glitter, sequins, or any other fabulous decorations that you can find

  18. To open the pinata, just pull the ribbon

  19. Enjoy oodles of sweets with someone you love

  20. Hug and kiss

Did you crafty? Tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram - we’d love to see pictures of your Valentine’s Day heart pinata.


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