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Six Tips for an Eco-Friendly Christmas

Being More Mindful This Christmas

27 Oct 2020

Top Tips for a Holly Jolly Eco Christmas

Can you believe it? The Christmas season is already on its way. Before you know it, we’ll all be busy bees prepping for the big day. But, while it may be the most wonderful time of the year, it’s definitely not the most environmentally friendly…

But fear not! We’re here with a bunch of tips and tricks on how to make your Crimbo a little more sustainable by cutting down on using the planet’s natural resources. Don’t worry, you can still impress your guests and wow your pals with a bunch of prezzies without skimping on the festive magic. 

From re-thinking where you source your tree to which wrapping paper you use, we’ve rounded up a few ideas for how to be more sustainable at Christmas and reduce our environmental footprints (in the snow).

1. Wrapping paper 

Did you know wrapping paper contains plastic? And on top of that, when it’s covered in sellotape, it definitely cannot be recycled! Instead, why not opt for brown paper and jazz it up with some colourful ribbons (which can be reused) or string. 

This helps to reduce the high levels of waste made each year. Alternatively, if you’d like something prettier, opt for gift bags, which can also be reused or recycled. 

2. Trees

When it comes to the main event...the green, piney star of the have many options to consider. 

First of all, it’s definitely more environmentally friendly to buy a real one. But you could even go the extra mile and buy your showstopper of a tree locally to avoid emissions from importing and transporting. Also, when they are recycled, they are shredded, used as mulch on plants in parks or woodland paths. 

A plastic tree can sometimes be better, as real ones have to travel for sooo long. So if plastic’s your thang, use it for as long as you can. No seriously, like twenty years if possible and then it’ll be worth it. Alternatively, opt for a second hand one so the plastic is reused instead of dumped. 

Finally, more and more places are allowing you to rent a tree, and they’ll even deliver and collect it afterwards - so they can replant it! And give it a new lease of life after it’s done its duty as festive foliage.

Anyhow, just make sure it has the FSC or Soil Associate logo to ensure it’s been grown sustainably. 


It must be illegal or something to have Christmas dinner without pulling a cracker first! However, crackers are a huge contributor to waste in the UK - most cannot be recycled and neither can their contents. Plus, do you really need another 1 inch nail file? So switch it up and make it more eco by investing in reusable versions. Opt for some made from natural linen which will even allow you to add your own personalised a 1 inch nail file! JK.


When it comes to food at Christmas, you gotta go hard or go home. But you can make this sustainable too - and that doesn’t always mean going vegetarian or vegan. 

There’s no better opportunity to show your support to small-scale producers. Source your turkey and other cuts of meat from local farms which use up fewer food miles and less packaging. 

Reduce your food waste by using apps such as Olio which connects you with people in need around your local area. Simply take a snap of your food and share it for app users to see. 

For scraps, simply use your composters and green waste bins. You can also consider opting for food in your supermarket with less packaging or buying loose items, transforming leftovers into more meals including soup,  donating to local food banks and going vegetarian, vegan or buying organic meat. 

Another top tip is to use up as much food in your fridge as possible before Christmas in order to leave room for leftovers. Lots and lots of delicious leftovers. Mmm we’re suddenly very hungry.


What’s Christmas without all the sparkle and cute glitzy decorations? Embrace it, but make it eco. 

The best thing to do is to keep your decorations so they become family heirlooms - you can pass your lovely baubles on to your great great great great grandchildren! And unless your baubles are damaged or broken, you can re-use them every year! But if you’re keen to add to your collection, only buy brass, recycled glass, hemp and wood versions. 

Alternatively, browse through online shops for locally-made or bespoke goods that are also ethical, eco-friendly and handmade. But if you’re the creative type, why not make a few decorations, like a wreath, which you can fashion from paper and twine and then decorate with ribbons, baubles and more.  


Buy gifts that last - potted indoor plants are a good shout. We can’t be the only ones to have gone full plant mum in lockdown...can we? Brb just gotta check on our ferns.

Another great way to cut down on waste is to simply choose one big gift as opposed to several smaller ones - a study found that one in nine Brits will return their presents. 

If you’re keen to go in a different direction this year, why not try something homemade such as a baked treat or painting (an added bonus if they share their baked present with you afterwards). Our little rainbow cake kit could be just the thing. Or if they aren’t materialistic, check out our experiences on offer. Discover everything from wine tastings to luxury hotel stays. 

Now, we’re no David Attenborough, but here at Moonpig, we think even the smallest changes will help make a difference and reduce our environmental footprint. By simply cutting down on paper and food and recycling efficiently, you’ll be having a super duper eco Christmas every year.


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