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New Mum Pampering Gifts

Gift Inspiration for a New Mum

24 Feb 2021

New Mum Gift Guide

At Moonpig, we think that new mums are heroes and deserve some TLC. Giving someone you love some well-needed ‘me’ time can mean the world, so we’ve put together some pampering gift ideas that will make new mums feel relaxed, re-charged and ready for anything.

Pamper at Home

The first few months after having a baby can be an overwhelming time and many new mums will want to take some time for themselves. At-home treatments are perfect for a new mum looking to unwind without the worry of leaving the house.

This Works Peace & Quiet Gift Set

A good night’s sleep is often a distant memory for new parents. Why not pop round and look after baby, sending mum upstairs for some much-needed shuteye? The This Works Peace & Quiet Gift Set is a soothing combo that will help tired mums drift off into blissful sleep.

Percussion Personal Massager

Give her the gift of a deep-tissue massage in the comfort of her own home. The Percussion Personal Massager uses soothing massage to bring a little rest and relaxation when she needs it most.

Sanctuary Spa New Mum Gift Jar

A relaxing soak in the bath is one of the best ways for mum to take a break. Whenever she needs to take a little timeout, this Sanctuary Spa New Mum Gift Jar should offer plenty of encouragement. It's packed with indulgent beauty treats that will make Mum feel fabulous.

Birchbox Exclusive Mum Beauty Gift Set

Skincare routines tend to get neglected when a new baby comes along. Take the pressure off by gifting her with the Birchbox Exclusive Mum Beauty Gift Set. With lots of sparkly goodies inside, it's the perfect way to surprise and pamper any new mum.

Relaxation Experiences

New mums often struggle with the thought of leaving baby in the first few months. Help ease their worries by treating them to a relaxation experience. They can enjoy a pampering session, before returning home with fully-recharged batteries!

Indulgent Spa Day for Two

Getting a day off to hit a spa and get pampered can make a world of difference. The Indulgent Spa Day for Two Gift Experience is a great gift for parents or a mum wanting to catch up with a friend. With a wide range of relaxing experiences, she’ll have no problem finding the perfect way to unwind.

Afternoon Tea For Two

Pampering doesn’t just have to be about spas and a slice of cucumber over the eyes, how about popping some in a sandwich too? This Afternoon Tea for Two promises tasty treats and the chance to catch up.

Two Night Hotel Getaway

Now that they’re in a routine, new parents could do with a little break. Give them some time to reconnect with a Two Night Hotel Getaway Gift Experience, with a range of options across the UK for some rest and relaxation.

Pamper Her Taste Buds

Having a baby makes it harder to get out for a nice meal, so the gift of good food and drink will go down a treat.

Rosé and Chocolates Gift Bag

Visiting a new mum is an exciting and emotional experience. A Rosé and Chocolates Gift Bag with Linden Lady Luxury Chocolates means you can raise a toast to the new addition.

Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co. Letterbox Gift

If you want to send her a pick-me-up through the letterbox, the Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co. Letterbox Gift is the place to start. This quirky gift contains a collection of chocolate treats and is sized to fit through any letterbox.

Finding a gift for a new mum means offering a little escape from the dirty nappies and 3 am wakeup calls, so a little pampering can go a long way. Whether you’re looking for something to help her take a break, or you just want to show her how much you appreciate her, there are plenty more gifts to choose from at Moonpig.

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