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Gardening 101

Introducing our Gardening Range

9 Jun 2021

Garden Glow Ups

This is a love letter to all gardens. You’ve hosted BBQs, watched us tan (burn) our pasty legs, made space for our best friends who we hadn’t seen in months, let the dogs dig, grew our favourite flowers, and most of all helped us feel less trapped when we were trapped inside.

Thank you for keeping us sane over the last year and for each being a little oasis of calm in the madness of life. Big or small, jungle-wild or immaculately landscaped, you’re all beautiful. Also, asking for a friend, what kinda product you use on your grass? It’s so glossy and luscious, girl.

Anyway, if like us you became a green fingered goddess over lockdown (or at least gave it your best effort... sorry to all the tomato plants we accidentally loved to death) we’ve got a collection of outdoor goodies you can really pamper both you and your garden with this summer. Everything from colourful trowels to adorable birdhouses and grow-your-own-wine kits, we’re making sure your garden gets all the love it deserves.

Pimp Your Patio

How many plants is too many plants? Five? Twenty? It’s actually a trick question because you can never have too many plants. If every surface of the inside of your house is covered in an array of greenery, the natural next step is to spill out into your balcony/garden/patio. Let them thrive there. Now, we don’t want to be called enablers, but we’re just gonna leave these plants here for you to look at, and whatever happens, happens. We support you.

All the Gear and No Idea

If you’d like to add to your collection of elite garden tools, or you’re finally ready to upgrade the old wooden spoon you’ve been using to plant your hydrangeas, we’ve got you covered. From colourful trowels, to the handiest of handy tool bags and aprons. This year, do it proud and be your garden’s best accessory.

Bird Lovers

As a fun alternative to hanging out your window and serenading your feathered friends with a suspiciously off-key rendition of The Sound of Music, why not give one of our bird lovers’ treats a try? From the most adorable miniature swing seat you’ll see in your entire life, to vibrant seedballs designed to make your garden a bird magnet. Chirp chirp.

Bee-autiful Bees

You aren’t the only ones who love your gardens, because bees love them too! There are loads of ways to welcome these furry little buzzies into your backyard, and become the master of nature itself. Our mini meadow kits have all you need to transform your garden into a flowery and tranquil bee haven, and our interactive bee hive will go down a storm. It’s also called an air bee’n’bee which might be our favourite thing ever.

Garden to Kitchen

If you’re growing bored enjoying your garden with just your eyes, why not start enjoying it with your tastebuds?! We’ve got seeds for a rainbow vegetable medley, some of the finest Italian herbs money can buy, the botanicals for gin or even an entire grape plant! Go wild.

To explore our entire gardening range and give your own garden a glow-up, click here.