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Funny Fathers Day

Cards and Gifts

2 Jun 2021

Funny Father’s Day Ideas for A Funny Father

While some dads will shed a tear for a sentimental card and a heartfelt gift, many of us have mickey-taking, pun-loving, fart-doing dads who simply wouldn’t take us seriously. And we wouldn’t have them any other way. If your dad falls into the second category, we’ve got you covered with our range of funny Father’s Day cards and gifts for the number one joker in your life. 

The Useless-But-We-Love-Him Dad

Let’s kick things off with funny Father’s Day gifts and spot-on cards for the well-meaning dads who never fully learnt how to adult. The Peter Pans of the dad world, you might say. He might not be the one you’d call for IT advice, and he might drive your mum mad with the way  he constantly leaves every light on and every cupboard door open, but he is a lot of fun and you’ll never say no to his ‘stick the kettle on’ plea. 

The Remote Control Hogger

Does your dad have his own dedicated TV-watching chair, or a spot on the sofa no one else can touch? This is the section for you. Whether he’s always bingeing the latest crime drama, loves a Star Wars marathon, or has to have the news on for three hours a day (despite the rest of the family begging to watch literally anything else), we’ve got Father’s Day sorted for your square-eyed Pops.

The Ultimate ‘Dad Jokes’ Dad

It wouldn’t be a funny Father’s Day blog without a dad jokes mention, would it? If your dad is the classic, cheesy pun-loving dad who genuinely thinks he’s the wittiest bloke around, keep reading. From silly cards to make him snort in appreciation to dad joke books so he can finally get some new material, we’ve got plenty to choose from.

The One Who Can Never Hold It In...

Some dads just love a bit of toilet humour. You may find it gross and wonder what he’s eating to be able to stink out an entire room in 0.3 seconds, but hey, if it makes him happy, who are we to judge? Let him know his smelly ways definitely haven’t gone unnoticed with one of our poo and/or fart-based Father’s Day offerings. They might not be cute, but they are hilarious.

The One Spending Father’s Day in the Pub

Some dads will be so happy that the pubs are open this year after Father’s Day 2020 that you probably don’t even need to get them a card. But to make their day even better, we’ve got the perfect cards and gifts to complement their Sunday pub trib. Why not go with him, buy him a pint, laugh at his jokes and get started on the drinking games? We promise it will make his day.

The Dad You Do Actually Appreciate Deep Down

As much as we love having a laugh with (and at) our dads, we can’t deny that we appreciate them and all they do for us. Whether it’s to say thanks for always being a taxi driver, for helping you out with money, for putting up with your unpredictable ways, or simply letting you live under his roof with minimal complaining, these are the cards to show your gratitude without going all soppy.

If you’re still looking for that perfect Father’s Day card for your funny father, check out the rest of our chuckle-inducing range here.