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A Football Fanatic Father’s Day

27 May 2019

A Football Fanatic Father’s Day

Coming up the left side, streaking past the defender, the speed, the agility... and GOAL! Scored the perfect Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day is all about celebrating your old men and letting them know that you appreciate them and everything they do. So, this Father’s Day, think outside the socks! If they’re a footy fanatic, one of our personalised Father’s Day football cards and brilliant gifts will show them you care. And, if you’re stuck for ideas on what to do for their big day, we’ve rounded up a few ways to celebrate them and their love of football below. Football kit optional, but highly advised.

Euro Championships

If you’ve got yourself a Dad whose middle name is UEFA, he’ll be as excited for this season as he is for Father’s Day. Kicking off on June 11th, there’s even a match on Father’s Day itself, so if he’s a super-fan, give him the living room TV. Go on. You could even head to your local pub, watch Italy v Wales or Switzerland v Turkey on the big screen, and treat him to a Sunday dinner (and a pint) while you’re there!

A Day of DIY

Give him one of the best gifts ever for Father's Day – family time. Keep it fresh and creative and get your DIY on with him. We’re talking an afternoon of football crafts. Grab a football and get everyone to write a little message on it, or split into two teams and design your own (and best) shoebox football pitch. Another idea could be a game of drawing a football pitch or designing a football kit with felt pens, pencils and photos.

All About The Food

Food and football go hand-in-hand, and they say the best way to impress a man is through his stomach, right? Why not arrange a football-themed buffet? Score big points with all his favourite treats, and if he has a sweet tooth you could bake him a cake with icing to create a football, bake t-shirt shaped biscuits with coloured icing based on his favourite football team. If he loves to be king of the kitchen, you could also get him involved and bake together. Just let him lick the spoon today, as it’s his day.

Football Movie Marathon

Download of all his favourite football movies, grab some popcorn (Sweet and Salty is the best) and get set for a day or night of watching as many of these films as possible. Just one rule? Let him choose which ones he wants to watch, and be prepared for lots of commentaries.

Moonpig It! Football-Approved Cards and Gifts

This Father's Day, show him your love and get him a present to remember with personalised football cards or footie-related gifts. Make it personal with a card of his fave team (even if it's not yours), and personalise it with his name, the name of his top player and their football number, and don’t forget to add those classic photos. To add even MORE lovely feelings and memories to his big day, a mug or T-shirt with a thoughtful message and photo will bring on the cheers and make him feel like he's the best dad in the world. What to write? When it comes to writing your message, speaking from the heart is always best (with a little humour thrown into the mix). Start by wishing him a Happy Father's Day! Thank him! Thank him for the vital role and influence he is in your life. Maybe share a sentimental or funny memory (we all have at least one, right?) to add personalisation to your Father's Day card. End with a warm and heartfelt message. Score: the best Father’s Day ever.

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