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Birthday Ideas for Him

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5 Aug 2019

Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

Sure, we might find Dad’s jokes painful, and sometimes having a little brother can feel more trouble than it’s worth, but the men in our lives make our days better in their own unique way. Whether it’s for a son who’s tricky to buy for, or a grandfather getting ready to enjoy his retirement, finding a birthday gift is a big decision. That’s why we put together this gift guide.

21st Birthday Ideas for Men

A 21st birthday is a huge milestone, so it deserves a gift to match. You could be gifting your son something he’ll keep forever or finding something for a nephew who shares your sense of humour. Here are some ideas to bring a smile to their face on the big day.

52 Things to Do While You Poo Book

If you’re tired of shouting at him to get out of the bathroom, this book is the one. 52 Things to Do While You Poo Book is the definitive guide to keeping entertained on the porcelain, plus it might encourage him to put that smartphone down for five minutes.

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Turning 21 is often the perfect opportunity to see the world. If he’s packing up for a gap year, the Scratch Map Travel Edition is an ideal way to encourage those itchy feet and keep track of everything along the way.

30th Birthday Ideas for Men

We’ve found a selection of gifts that’ll make the 30-year-old in your life a happy man as he waves goodbye to his twenties.

Man Facts Book

Once we hit 30, we like to think we know a thing or two. If you think he needs to brush up on his trivia, a book of Man Facts could be the way to go.

Grow Your Own Rainbow Veg

It’s time to embrace those greens! Now there’s no more excuses thanks to Grow Your Own Rainbow Veg. This set will allow him to get his hands dirty before throwing on an apron and serving up some delicious home-grown meals.

40th Birthday Ideas for Men

They say life begins at 40. With a fresh outlook on life, there’s no better time to give a gift that helps someone important to try something new.

100 Movies Scratch Off Movie List

There’s always that one person in the office who just doesn’t seem to have seen any movies. If they’ve somehow made it to 40 without seeing Ghostbusters or, dare we say it, missed out on Star Wars, this 100 Movies Scratch Off Movie List will help prove that it’s never too late.

Retro Mini TV Games

For those who grew up in the 80s, nostalgia always goes down a treat. If he won’t stop talking about how handy he was with a joystick and how he could “show everyone how it’s done” on Pong, the Retro Mini TV Games gift is ideal. Then you can show him how it’s really done at Pong…

50th Birthday Ideas for Men

The half-century is a birthday worth celebrating. By the time they hit 50, some men might start slowing things down a bit and dedicating some time for themselves, especially if the kids are growing up. Here’s a few ways to keep ‘em busy.

Three Month Beer52 Subscription

With all that extra freedom, now's a perfect time to sit back, relax and enjoy some of his favourite beers. Select his preferred taste, whether pale ales or dark rich stouts! With this 3 month beer subscription he'll have something to look forward to each month even after his birthday.

Cartwright & Butler Ale & More Hamper

What does Dad love more than anything else? There’s a good chance that booze and food fall are top of the list. Tick both boxes with our sophisticated Cartwright & Butler Ale & More Hamper . Hopefully he’ll be thrilled enough to share...

70th Birthday Ideas for Men

Being in your seventies doesn’t have to conjure up thoughts of a pipe and slippers. The modern pensioner can be just as active and adventurous as anyone else! Here’s a few ways they can enjoy those golden years.

Hot Smoke BBQ Smoking Set

Retirement doesn’t mean it’s time to surrender their title as ‘King of the Grill'. This BBQ Smoking Set will remind everyone that they’re still a dab hand when it comes to the BBQ. With everything he needs to smoke meat.

Haynes Explains: Pensioners Manual

One of the brilliant things about retirement is having the time to indulge in their passions. If you’re keen to help him improve that putting game he’s always moaning about or fine tune his bowls skills, then the Haynes Explains: Pensioners Manual is the perfect gift for him.

Shopping for the man in your life can sometimes be tricky, but it’s well worth it when you see that smile on their face. If you’re still looking for ideas, there’s plenty more to choose from in our Unique Gifts for Him section.

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