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Valentines Day Rose Care Guide

What to Expect from Your Valentine's Day Roses

12 Feb 2021

We have worked closely with some of the best rose farms in Kenya to ensure the best quality product in our bouquets. We have taken every care to ensure your flowers arrive fresh and in in perfect condition. Follow the care tips below and your blooms will stay fresh for at least 5 days- that’s our promise or your money back.

What To Expect With Your Roses

Your Valentine's Day roses are packaged with our clever nourishing wrap. The wrap is soaked in water and flower food and will keep your roses hydrated whilst they are in transit to you. Once they arrive, your flowers will need a good drink of water so they may feel soft. Make sure to cut 2-3cm from the bottom of the stems and put them in water with the provided flower food straight away.

You might notice that some of the outer petals don’t seem to be in the same good condition as the rest of the flower. Don’t worry – these are guard petals. Because roses are so delicate, guard petals are left on the bud to protect the flower while it’s being transported – keeping your roses safe and sound. You can remove these guard petals by hand (be gentle), however it’s not recommended.

What Should I Do When My Valentine's Day Roses Arrive?

When your roses are delivered, they’ll need a little bit of love to keep them looking their best. When they first arrive, you’ll want to do a few things:

  1. Trim Rose Stems:

     When they first arrive, grab a pair of scissors and cut the rose stems approximately 2cm from the base at a 45-degree angle – just a nice diagonal – before you pop them in water.

  2. Place The Roses In Water:

     When your roses first arrive, they’ll probably have absorbed most of the water and plant food from the fresh mesh, so they’ll be getting a bit thirsty soon – so be sure to pop them in a vase full of water as soon as possible.

  3. Add Flower Food:

     You’ll notice that we also pop a little packet of flower food in with your roses – this is full of loads of lovely nutrients that will keep your roses fed and happy and looking their best for longer. Pop it in the water when you’re filling up your vase.

The Life Cycle Of A Rose

When we send out our roses, they are in bud – that means they’re only partially open. That means you get to enjoy your gorgeous roses the entire time they’re looking their best – when they’re in bloom. The first few days after they arrive, recipients will be able to enjoy roses at their freshest as they open more day by day. After about three to four days, the roses should open in full.

Roxanne Hartley

Senior Flowers Buyer