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How to make a DIY Flower Candle

Partnership With Crafty Girl Life Hacks

15 Jan 2018

Make a DIY Flower Candle

Make a DIY Flower Candle

We’ve teamed up with the always delightful and talented Penelope Quinn from Crafty Girl Life Hacks to create a DIY flower candle just in time for Valentine’s Day. It only takes a few supplies to make this handmade candle and it can be made in just a few hours.

Craft supplies needed:

Instructions for making this flower DIY candle:

  1. Take a flower and remove the bloom from the stem using scissors

  2. Carefully remove the petals

  3. Nest a small candle into the bottom of a glass jar ensuring there is a 2cm gap in between the candle and glass

  4. Place flower petals around the candle

  5. Put a handful of candle wax pellets in a glass Pyrex jug

  6. Microwave for five minutes (be sure to use oven gloves when removing the glass jug)

  7. Carefully pour in the wax to the glass jar

  8. Leave the candle to set for three hours 

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