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How to Press Flowers

How to press & Gift Flowers

14 Apr 2020

How-To Press Flowers

No matter the occasion, flowers are a beautiful way to show your love. Whether it’s a single red rose to mark an anniversary, or a wedding boutonniere from the day you said ‘I do’, flowers hold a special significance. It always feels like a shame when you have to throw out a bouquet from a memorable day. But what if we told you that you don’t have to? By pressing flowers, you’ll be able to keep them as an everlasting reminder. So, why not cherish those memories for even longer? Here’s everything you need to know about pressing flowers.

Picking the Right Flowers

Flower pressing isn’t a new phenomenon. That’s right, this clever technique dates all the way back to the Roman and Egyptian times.

It’s good to know what type of flowers are the best to preserve. Firstly, flowers with naturally flat blooms, like roses and daisies, are easier to press. Secondly, if you’re pressing flowers for a gift, we suggest choosing ones that tell a story and can be treasured for years to come.

  • Timing is also a factor when finding flowers to press. Here are some things to consider: Flowers should be in good condition. Avoid any that are torn or have visible blemishes.

  • Avoid picking flowers when they’re wet, e.g. after rain or in the morning dew. This will only make it harder when drying them out.

  • Choose flowers that are just blooming. When pressing, the colour will fade slightly, so you want your flowers to be as vibrant as possible.

How to Dry Flowers

There are a few ways you can dry out flowers for preservation. Some methods can take weeks to complete, others can be done in minutes. Let’s learn how...


Using a book is a classic way to dry flowers. Choose a book (preferably a heavy one) and follow the below steps. We probably wouldn’t recommend using your favourite book, though — sometimes the water from the flower can leak out and cause minor damage.

  • Open your book and place paper on the pages, this can be parchment paper, baking paper or coffee filters.

  • Position your flowers face down on one of the pieces of parchment paper and place another on top.

  • Add more weight on top of the book to help press the flowers down.

  • Wait for two to four weeks. It can take a while for all the water to be removed from the flowers using this method. Check after two weeks and consider changing the paper.


Now for a more modern method of drying flowers! All you’ll need is a microwave and some parchment paper. What we love most about this technique is that it can take a matter of seconds to do.

  • Place your flowers face down between two pieces of parchment paper.

  • Put the parchment paper and flowers directly onto the microwave plate, then place another plate on top.

  • Turn the microwave on low power for between 30 seconds and a minute. Check after a minute and if you’re not happy with the results, just pop them back in.


Time to break out the ironing board! Much like the microwave, this way of drying flowers is a lot quicker than traditional pressing.

  • Place your flowers between two pieces of paper and flatten with a heavy object – this will create an easier surface to iron.

  • Turn off the water and steam from your iron and turn the temperature down low.

  • Press the iron down on the parchment paper in 15 second bursts, letting it cool between each time.

Silica Gel

Sound familiar? You’ll usually find little sachets of silica gel in new shoes or bags. lt can also be bought in large quantities from craft shops and is a useful tool for drying out flowers.

  • Empty half of your silica into a bowl and lay your flowers on top of it.

  • Carefully cover your flowers with the other half of the silica gel. Try to be as gentle as possible.

  • Leave the flowers in the silica gel for a week before dusting them off and revealing your dried creation.

Ideas for Pressing Flowers

Using household Items

Gift Ideas for Pressed Flowers

While pressed flowers are a lovely way to hold on to your own memories, they’re also great as a personalised gift to a loved one, really showing how much effort you’ll put in just to make them smile.

Greetings Card

Popping a surprise dried flower inside a loved one’s card adds an extra layer of sentimental value. Is your mum’s favourite flower a magnolia? Press one and add it to her birthday card for a thoughtful touch.

Picture Frame

Arranging your dried flowers into a picture frame can make a truly bespoke decoration for the home. Pair them with photos from unforgettable moments for an ideal anniversary gift, like a snap from your wedding day with a flower from the actual bouquet!


A piece of jewellery is a keepsake that will last forever. Did you know that you can set flowers in a resin mould and turn it into a necklace, ring or earrings? The result will be a gorgeous momento for you and them.

If you want to make your beautiful blooms last forever, pressing flowers is a skill well-worth trying your hand at. So next time you buy or receive a fresh bouquet of flowers, just remember it doesn’t need to end when they start to wilt.

Gift Ideas Using Pressed Flowers

Special Keepsakes

Roxanne Hartley

Senior Flowers Buyer