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Flower Arranging Made Easy

Ready to make the most of your beautiful blooms?

10 May 2020

Your Guide to Flower Arranging

So, someone’s gifted you a bouquet of day-brightening Moonpig blooms and now you’re wondering how to make them look their very best, right? Each of our bouquets are designed in-house, hand-tied by our florists, and packaged lovingly in our signature nourishing wrap so it’s easy to display them in a way that’ll have them looking fresh and oh-so-fancy. If you want to get creative with your flowers, here are a few ideas to make an arrangement all of your own.

How to Arrange Flowers: Getting Started

To get started on your creative floral project, you’ll need to have the following:

  1. Vase: Go for a classic vase or let your imagination run wild with other options, such as an empty wine bottle or an old wellington boot (hey, we’re not one to judge).

  2. Scissors: In order to cut down the stems, you’ll need a pair of scissors or garden shears.

  3. Flower Food and Water: We send a sachet of flower food with every bouquet, so all you’ll need to do is add water from the tap.

How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase

  1. Find the Right Vase: The perfect vase should be wide enough to fit the stems of the bouquet, and half as tall as the flowers from blossom to stem – we recommend a vase around 22cm tall for most of our bouquets. 

  2. Fill Her Up: Fill your vase about halfway with water and add one sachet of flower food – saving the other sachet for later this week. Make sure not to add the sachet first or you may end up with a bubble bath!

  3. Remove the Gift Wrap: Moonpig flowers arrive in a signature nourishing wrap that’s loaded with water and nutrients to keep flowers happy whilst travelling. Once they’ve reached their new home, you can remove the wrap but keep the elastic band tied around the stems for now.  

  4. Remove Any Leaves Below the Band: This greenery will be submerged underwater, so it’s best to remove any leaves to keep the water as fresh as possible.

  5. Trim the Bottom of the Stems: Cut approximately 2cm off the end of each stem at a 45° angle.

  6. Pick Up Your Flower Bouquet, Remove the Band, and Let Go: Hold your bouquet carefully (butt firmly) in one hand and remove the elastic band. Place your bouquet into the vase and once you’re happy with the position of your flowers, let go! Your flowers will naturally fall into place.

If you’re creating a custom flower arrangement, follow the above steps from 1-5, then:

  1. Remove the Band: If you want to get a bit more creative, now’s the time to take off the elastic band!

  2. Create a Base: Begin by crisscrossing your foliage in the vase. This will help form your base for the flower arrangement to stand on.

  3. Feature the Focal Flowers: These are the flowers that you really want to highlight within your arrangement, so make sure the most splendid stems are front and centre.

  4. Fill Out Your Arrangement: Use your secondary flowers to create a fully rounded arrangement. These will often be smaller than the focal flowers.

  5. Make it Perfect: Play around! Flower arranging is fun and allows you to flex your creative muscles – keep fiddling until you’re happy.

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3 (and 4!)

Perfect flowers incoming

Tips and Tricks

On day 4, your bouquet will benefit from a little refresh to keep it looking its best. Pick up your bouquet (careful not to disturb your beautiful arrangement). Rinse the stems under the tap, give them a trim, change the water in the vase and add your second sachet of flower food. Voila! 

Flowers will naturally wilt at different times, so remove any sad-looking stems to keep the rest of the bouquet looking fresh and fancy. 

Make sure to keep your flowers away from fruit, draughts or sources of heat. 

Ta-da, You’re All Done!

Give your bouquet a couple of days to bloom and then it’ll be ready for its close-up. Don’t forget to share your photos with us using #moonpigmoments.

Want to thank your loved one for your new blooms? We’re here to help. With thousands of cards and gifts guaranteed to tickle their fancy, it’s never been easier to show some appreciation.