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Flower Arrangement Ideas

Brighten Up Their Day with Beautifully Arranged Flowers

10 May 2020

Brighten Up Their Day with our Flower Arrangement Ideas

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, bereavement, or another occasion in between, saying it with flowers is a meaningful way to show your love to an extraordinary someone in your life. Here at Moonpig, we have a bevy of blooms that are perfect for any occasion. Each of our bouquets is designed in-house, hand-tied by our florists, and packaged lovingly in our signature nourishing wrap. All of our flowers are arranged and packaged so that they can go directly into a vase, but if you want to get creative here are a few ideas to make an arrangement all of your own.

How to Arrange Flowers: Getting Started

To get started on your creative floral project, you’ll need to have the following:

  1. Vase: Go for a classic vase or let your imagination run wild with other options, such as an empty wine bottle or an old wellington boot.

  2. Scissors: In order to cut down the stems, you’ll need a pair of scissors or garden shears.

  3. Flower Food and Water: We send a sachet of flower food with every bouquet, so all you’ll need to do is add lukewarm water from the tap.

  4. Bow or Nametag: It’s a personal and thoughtful addition that adds an extra caring touch.

How to Arrange Flowers in a Vase

  1. Find the Right Vase: The perfect vase should be wide enough to fit the stems of the bouquet, and half as tall as the flowers from blossom to stem. Fill it with water and add one sachet of flower food per litre.

  2. Remove the Gift Wrap: Moonpig flowers arrive in a signature nourishing wrap that’s loaded with water and nutrients to keep bouquets happy whilst travelling. Once they’ve reached their new home, you can remove the wrap.

  3. Keep the Elastic Band in Place: The elastic band around your bouquet is there to help keep the hand-tied shape and our florists’ arrangement of your flowers. Keep this band in place right up to the moment you place the bouquet in your vase. That is unless you’re looking to explore one of the many flower arrangements below.

  4. Remove Any Leaves Below the Band: This greenery will be submerged underwater, so it’s best to remove any leaves to keep the water as fresh as possible.

  5. Trim the Bottom of the Stems: Cut approximately 2 cm off the end of each stem at a 45° angle.

  6. Pick Up Your Flower Bouquet, Remove the Band, and Let Go! Hold your bouquet carefully, yet firmly in one hand and remove the elastic band. Place your bouquet into the vase and once you’re happy with the position of your flowers, let go! Your flowers will naturally fall into place.

If You’re Creating a Custom Flower Arrangement Follow the Above Steps From 1-5

  1. Create a Base: Begin by criss-crossing your foliage in the vase. This will help form your base for the flower arrangement to stand on.

  2. Feature the Focal Flowers: These are the flowers that you really want to highlight within your arrangement, so make sure the most splendid stems are front and centre.

  3. Fill Out Your Arrangement: Use your secondary flowers to create a fully rounded arrangement. These will often be smaller than the focal flowers.

  4. Make it Perfect: Any gift needs to be prepared to perfection before its given to a loved one. Take some time to rearrange anything that looks out of place before stunning the recipient with this token of your love.

Types of Flower Arrangements

Once you have the correct tools in hand, get your creative juices flowing to put together your flower arrangement.

Vertical Flower Arrangement

The most popular of the bunch, the vertical flower arrangement is ideal for featuring all types of floral varieties, shapes, scents, and colours. A few of our favourite Moonpig vertical arrangements are The July bouquet that features no less than six sunshine-drenched blooms, such as Miss Piggy roses, pink larkspurs, and zesty butterfly weed and the nature-inspired The Mayfair bouquet that includes seven blooms picked from the wild.

Horizontal Flower Arrangement

A popular choice for more fragrant blooms, the horizontal flower arrangement features stems that are placed in rows or a zig-zag pattern. This is a charming choice for housewarming dinner parties (this arrangement will be a superb centrepiece on the mantle or dining room table), graduations, and perennial occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day and more.

Elliptical Flower Arrangement

The elliptical flower arrangement is a delightfully unique way to feature bright and sweet-scented flowers. This eye-catching ensemble is perfect for stems that boast a lot of colour and volume, think of pink and plum mixed British stocks, blooming lilies, and golden sunflowers. These arrangements are wildly popular for big birthdays, as well as engagement parties, weddings, and anniversary celebrations.

Simple Flower Arrangement

Do they opt for small gestures of kindness versus flashes of flamboyance? If they prefer a subtle token of appreciation over lots of big blooms we have simple flower bouquets for the favourite minimalist in your life. From The White Pearl floral arrangement which features oriental lilies, lisianthuses, roses, and eucalyptus to our classic red roses bouquet, we have all the subtle stems they’ll adore. We also have a timelessly elegant white peace lily planter, as well as a violet heart-shaped orchid plant.

Make it More Meaningful

To jazz up any fresh bunch of flowers add one of our personalised or photo cards. Taking a few moments to customise your greeting card will show how much you really know them. And, if you really want to up the wow-factor, just add one of our personalised gifts. From birthdays and weddings to new babies and Christmas, we have a range of gifts for every occasion.

Sending flowers is a sure-fire way to add a dose of sunshine to their day or help them commemorate a special occasion. No matter what they’re celebrating, send them a bunch of blooms they’re sure to love with our range of flowers and plants.

Roxanne Hartley

Senior Flowers Buyer