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The Best Flowers For Mother's Day

Mother's Day Flowers Inspiration

18 Feb 2020

The Best Flowers For This Year’s Mother’s Day

Your mum is the absolute best, right? She raised and moulded you into the fine human you are today, so it only makes sense to say thanks and wrap her in all the love for everything she does for you. In addition to sending a personalised Mother's Day card she'll absolutely cherish, go ahead and send her a bunch of beautiful blooms that will light up her day (as well as the room). 

For a gift that’s both thoughtful and beautiful, flowers are a failsafe option. With our wide range of Mother's Day flowers, how do you know what bouquet or plant to send her? Whether she adores roses and lilies or tulips and peonies, we have a bunch that's perfect just for her. To help you along, we’ve compiled our most popular flower varieties with a bit more detail on the history of the bloom. Also, did you know all our flowers have guaranteed freshness for five days?


For a flower that’s big, bold, and beautiful look no further than lilies. Discovered over 2,400 years ago, the ancient Greeks believed that Zeus’ wife Hera created the distinctive variety. Leap forward to the present day and lilies are a popular bloom ideal for multiple occasions and are associated with many different meanings. From white and pink to rainbow, our lilies come in a variety of colours that will help you express how much you love your mum. 

  • Yellow lilies are known to represent happiness and joy

  • Choose purple lilies to evoke pride, accomplishment, and success

  • Or pick a pretty pink lily that symbolises love, admiration, and compassion 


If you want your Mother's Day flowers to last well into the summer season, our orchid plant is the variety to pick. Known for their long lives (and low maintence), our pretty orchid plant will sit proudly on her windowsill as a lasting reminder of your lovely gesture.

Orchids come from one of the largest plant families, the Orchidaceae. With over 28,000 different species, orchid flowers come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colours. This classic flower variety represens beauty, love, luxury, and strength – a perfect choice for mum this Mother's Day. 

  • Pink orchids 

    symbolise grace, joy, and happiness

  • Purple orchids have connotations with admiration and respect


The ultimate classic.  Roses aren’t just for sending to your loved one on Valentine’s Day, but the versatility of the bloom makes it just as perfect for your Mum this Mother’s Day. Brought to Europe from China in the 19th century, roses come in all sorts of delightful colours. We’d recommend avoiding red, as it's often associated with romance, and instead, consider pink or white.

  • Pink roses symbolise appreciation, love, and something you should have heaps of for your Mum – gratitude

  • Alternatively, opt for white or cream roses – you’ll be handing your Mum some flowers that mean purity and thoughtfulness


Coming in a variety of shapes and styles, tulips are a stunning bloom that should be high on anyone’s shortlist for Mother’s Day flowers. Ranging in all colours of the rainbow, tulips are available in bright red and sunburnt orange shades as well as playful plums and pretty pastel pinks. 

  • Red is typically seen to be more associated with romance, but when these blooms are placed in a colourful bunch of tulips, the red adds a playful punch of colour.

  • Pink is usually associated with love and affection, as well as a symbol of springtime and new beginnings

  • White flowers are said to represent cheerfulness and are sure to bring a slice of joy into your mum’s life. Interestingly enough, they're also known to be exchanged as a means of apology. Consider it an option if you want to say sorry to your mum for being such a pain over the last year.

Flower Hampers & Gift Sets

Make her Mother's Day gift extra special with a hamper filled with all the little pleasures she adores. The perfect complement to a lovely bunch of flowers has to be chocolate or your mum's favourite tipple. Match up your bouquet of flowers with a bottle of wine, prosecco or even a box of chocolates – just something to treat her to more after being there for you. From tea and biscuits to truffles and rosé, we have a flower hamper and gift set that will make her day. We also have a Mother's Day Pink Rose, Prosecco, and Chocolate Truffle gift set, as well as a letterbox rose plant and chocolate set that will fit right through her door.

Our Flower Commitment to Quality

  • From blossom to bouquet, every step of your flowers’ journey is handled with care to ensure long-lasting, beautiful blooms

  • Five days of freshness guaranteed or we’ll replace your flowers

  • Each bouquet is hand-tied by our florists

  • Flowers arrive ‘in bud’ to preserve freshness

  • Guard petals protect roses in transit

  • Bouquets come in our signature Nourishing Wrap to keep them happy while travelling

  • Next day delivery with full SMS tracking and a two hour delivery window

For a range of flowers that will suit any Mum’s taste, explore our Mother's Day Flowers and Plants.

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