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Partnership with Maria-Ines Gul


6 Aug 2018


Introducing Our Artist Series with Illustrator Maria-Ines Gul

We might be stating the obvious here, but at Moonpig, we know a thing or two about cards. And we know that the best cards are the ones that have been chosen specifically for the very person they’re meant for and arrive packed with of all those lovely warm and fuzzies.

Everyone loves giving and receiving cards, but sometimes when you want to say something extra special - it’s more than the thought that counts, it’s the message.

"I wanted to get involved in the campaign because it sounded like a great opportunity to treat my followers with very special gifts. Talking about feelings can be difficult and sometimes it feels so much easier to express myself with a drawing. Knowing my work can bring a smile to a face is a greatest reward. With this project, my work can help you deliver their own messages of love and kindness."

Which is why we’re more than excited to announce our newest adventure in exploring just how amazing those messages can be. We’re collaborating with Maria-Ines Gul to create eight totally bespoke art cards especially for you, that will make your own messages of love even more personal & unique for the people most important to you. She’ll interpet her favourite messages by transforming them into captivating cards that are totally unique to the winners’ messages.

Maria-Ines Gul is a London-based artist and designer with a strong interest in expressive portraits, textile narratives, fashion illustration, book design and decorative typography.

All you have to do is enter via Instagram with a personal message for someone with the hashtag #LittleThingsIWantToSay, and Maria will do the rest!

Visit @Moonpig on Instagram to find out how to enter and keep an eye out for more behind-the-scenes action and Maria’s card designs. Anything goes, it’s all about spreading a little love and care. Read more on the T's & C's here