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What to Write in a Fathers Day Card

Fathers Day Messages Inspiration

30 May 2021

Fathers Day Wishes

Dad, Father, Pop, The-Guy-With-The-Remote.

Whatever you call him, whether he’s the man whose jokes launched a thousand groans, the shoulder you go to cry on or both, there’s no one quite like your dad. He taught you everything – reading, writing, swearing… It’s only right that you let him know how grateful you are with the best Father’s Day message possible, right?

We all know you’ve done the right thing - popped to Moonpig and picked up the perfect card and gift. Now the only thing left to do is figure out what to write in your Father's Day card. Easy, right? I mean you know your dad, how hard can it be to write Happy Father’s Day?

It certainly seems that way, until you’ve spent 3 hours in a cold sweat staring at a blank card, wondering if it’s too late to pay your little brother to write it. Well, never fear, Moonpig is here! And we’ve put together a list of our top ‘Happy Father’s Day’ wishes to help you along. Whether you want something funny, feel-good or full of emotion, we’re here for you (and dear old Daddio)

Father's Day Messages for the Dad-Joker:

  • Thanks for not telling Mum about that time… (And you’re lucky I didn’t tell Mum about that other time) Happy Father’s Day!

  • Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I don’t know what I’d do without you! (Probably hire a handyman...) I’m truly grateful for everything you do for me, thank you for teaching me to always be thankful and never take you for granted. Also, can I have a lift later?

  • I don’t want to embarrass you with some big show of emotion but I just have to say, in the spirit of Father’s Day, that I think you’re probably, on average, not the worst dad in the world. There. I said it. Hold back the tears, Da.

Father’s Day Messages for a Big Softy

  • I love our family and I love you. The happiest of Father’s Days to the best dad in the world.

  • Happy Father's Day to my absolute dream guy, the father of our children, and the love of my life.

  • I’m so proud to be your kid - you really are my hero. Happy Father’s Day!

  • Sending love and thanks across the miles to the best dad ever. I can’t wait to hug you! I’ll never let go!

  • Dad, you give the best hugs and the best advice. Thank you for always being there for me. Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Messages for Grandad

  • The best dads get promoted to grandads. Happy Father’s Day!

  • You aren’t called GRANDad for nothing - you’re the grandest of them all and we love you!

  • Happy Father’s Day to the best grandad in the entire world (we checked around and you win by a long shot).

  • Grandads: like dads but with extra sweets and adventure stories. Happy Father’s Day grandad!

  • The only thing better than having you as my dad, is watching my children get to have you as their grandad. Happy Father’s day!

Father’s Day Messages for Stepdad

  • Happy Father’s Day to my bonus dad. We hit the jackpot with you!

  • Happy Father’s Day from the kid you accidentally inherited after going on that date with mum/dad. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  • You’re an incredible stepdad, and I want to thank you for all the ways you make my life better just by being in it. Happy Father’s Day!

  • Happy Father’s Day! I love how happy you make mum/dad and I am so grateful for you!

  • I don’t care about genetics, thanks for choosing to love me. You’re amazing! Happy Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Messages from a Daughter

  • Thanks for always being there to guide and help me when I needed it most, I don’t say it enough, but you know I love you to the moon and back. I’m so lucky to have a dad like you in my life.

  • I know I never made life too easy for you, so thanks for sticking with me – I don’t know what I’d do without you (or your terrible, terrible jokes)

  • I don’t know how or why you put up with the tears, the screaming, the slammed doors, or the runny noses but I’m so glad you did. Happy Father’s Day, Pop.

  • Of all the dads in all the world, I’m glad I got stuck with you. (Sorry you got stuck with teenage me!)

Father’s Day Messages from a Son:

  • Mum told me to get you a card. Here it is. Good talk.

  • Thanks for teaching me to always be respectful, polite and understanding (except when the ref’s being a blind bl**dy w***r are you kidding me??)

  • Happy Father’s Day! To the dad who taught me everything I needed to know about Dylan, Springfield and Diamond, thanks for training my young ears to appreciate the finer things in life (and sorry for that time I scratched your Joni Mitchell record…)

  • Happy Father’s Day, Dad! Thanks for passing on your wit, good looks and taste in music. Fingers crossed you didn’t pass on your hairline…

Father’s Day Messages from a Wife:

If he’s your partner in crime, let him know how thankful you are to have his support through, well, everything. Raising kids is no small thing (despite how deceptively tiny they are), and having a partner to see you through it all can mean the world. Whether he’s a first-time dad or a seasoned pro, there’s no better time to let him know you appreciate every diaper drama, teenage tantrum and full-on meltdown he’s handled.

  • It’s amazing to watch our kids grow up and become the amazing, kind, beautiful people you taught them to be. I couldn’t have imagined a better husband or father.

  • You’re my partner, for better or worse - which is just as well because you could look better and sometimes I couldn’t act any worse.

  • Happy Father’s Day! I’m so grateful to have you with me through this whole wild adventure. I couldn’t imagine raising these little monsters without you here to support, love and guide me.

  • Happy Father’s Day to the most wonderful husband. As the resident Hide and Seek Champ, Spider-Catcher Extraordinaire and Storytelling Wizard, I’d say you’ve earned a day off. At least a few hours. Or minutes. You know what these guys are like... I love you so much, thanks for sticking with me through everything.

Father’s Day Messages for their first Father’s Day:

  • Happy Father’s Day! Thanks for being my partner in sleep deprivation, I don’t know how you do it. Or how I do it. HOW DOES ANYONE DO THIS??

  • I think the perpetual fear that we’re doing it all wrong means we’re doing it right... Happy 1st Father’s Day!

  • Thanks for keeping me sane, even when everything’s insane! There’s no one I’d rather go through this crazy roller coaster with. I’m so lucky to have you and I can’t wait for our baby to grow up and see how lucky he/she is to have a dad like you.

  • I thought I’d fallen in love with you as hard as I could, but watching you become a father has shown me just how much further I still have to fall. I’m so excited to watch you and our baby grow. Happy Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Messages from the Pet:

  • Happy Father’s Day! I peed on the floor, I hope you like it.

  • Who’s a good dad?! You are! You’re a good dad! The best dad, wow what a handsome man, so refined. Gimme your hand! Good dad!

  • Happy Father’s Day to a pawsome dad!

  • You are the best dog dad ever! I love you!

At the end of the day, no one knows your relationship like you. When you’re wondering what to put in a Father’s Day card, remember that it’s not just any dad, it’s your dad!

What’s he like? Is he a DIY fanatic or would he struggle to identify the pointy side of a hammer? Is he a rocker at heart or does he croon along to the Best of Billie Holliday? Still drawing a blank? Remember all the things he’s done for you; all the times he picked you up at god awful hours (even though he’s not a bloody taxi service), every time he saved you from spiders or scraped knees and those magical moments when all he had to do was give you a hug and everything was alright. Because sometimes, whether you’re 3, 13, or 30, you just need your dad. So let him know. He’s earned it.

Now you've got the message, find the perfect card to go with it here