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Anniversary Gifts for Each Year

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What are the Anniversary Gifts for Each Year?

An anniversary is a special time where a couple can look back on another wonderful year sharing their lives together, even if it’s involved a fair share of duvet stealing and disagreements over what to watch on Netflix. Whether you’ve had a year of dating or 50 years of marriage, it’s important to take some time to remind each other how special your relationship is. Here at Moonpig, we believe that every year spent together is precious, so marking the occasion with a gesture of love is a great way to celebrate the day. Here are some gift ideas to make the number one in your life smile on your anniversary.

First Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Making it to your first wedding anniversary is a big milestone and something that should be celebrated in style. The first wedding anniversary is the time to give paper gifts and is there anything more fitting than a there a more fitting gift than a personalised card? Whether it’s your other half or a newly married couple, the perfect choice of card could be something to keep for years to come, so why not include a picture from the honeymoon or, even better, an embarrassing snap when they’d had a few too many glasses of champagne on the wedding day? If you wanted to give the couple something they can unwrap and still want to stick with the paper anniversary theme, a diary could be a great choice. For many married couples, balancing work and social lives can be a nightmare. If you’re often guilty of forgetting your other half’s work night out and double booking – this is a fun and practical choice. Say goodbye to “I told you last week that I was going out tonight!”

Gift Ideas for a Wood Anniversary

Reaching five years of marriage is truly something to celebrate! With years of amazing memories to look back on and possibly a new family member or two, you’ll be fully into the swing of married life. You’ve probably also had your fair share of disagreements about snoring, leaving dirty dishes on the side and much more, but these are all the reasons we really love our partners… honestly. It’s traditional to give something made of wood for the fifth anniversary, but we think you could use your imagination and twist this into something truly memorable. A Smartbox Time Together Gift Experience provides hundreds of options for the special couple to enjoy some time away, maybe they could really get into the wood theme and enjoy a night away in the woods. Alternatively, they could test their driving skills with a Segway experience through the forests of Scotland. Just don’t get into that debate about who’s the best at parking…

China Anniversary Gifts

A 20-year wedding anniversary is known as the china anniversary and it’s a landmark that deserves special recognition. Having been happily married for 20 years, you’ve most likely found that secret ingredient that makes things last – plus a lot of love and plenty of patience. If you’re looking to find a gift for the happy couple or your other half, what better way to celebrate a china anniversary than with a classic and special afternoon tea? The Smartbox Fun Together Gift Experience includes afternoon tea experiences all over the country, so you can sit back, indulge in a scone and reminisce over 20 years of marital bliss.

30th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The 30th anniversary of your wedding day is often the biggest wedding anniversary you hit after the kids have grown up and flown the nest, leaving you free to ramp up the celebrations. The pearl anniversary is the perfect time to invest in some beautiful jewellery for your other half, such as a pearl necklace or earrings, but we’ve got some other ideas to commemorate this big occasion in style. In any couple, we get used to hearing some true pearls of wisdom from our partner, whether that’s meant sarcastically or not. For the know-it-all partner in your life, you could help them stock up on these pearls of wisdom with the Love Is… A Roller Coaster (And Other Such Sayings) Book, filled to the brim with sayings that encapsulate the ups and downs of a marriage.

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

A 50th wedding anniversary, otherwise known as the gold anniversary, is the ultimate in relationship goals. For those who are just getting married, we often look to our parents and grandparents as shining examples of how to make it last. Giving them a special token of appreciation for such a special occasion is important. A 50th wedding anniversary is definitely time to party. Years of being happily married and raising children deserves a special celebration, so popping the cork on a bottle of Bottega Gold Magnum should do the trick. This beautifully classy gold bottle comes complete with a gift box, making it perfect to take along to the party and toast to the longevity of the couple’s love. Alternatively, enjoy an evening of drinks in front of the telly with a bottle of Au Vodka. Coming in a unique gold bottle, it’s been distilled five times and is made from the highest-grade grain for the best taste.

Whatever the anniversary, giving a special gift to help celebrate is the perfect way to toast an amazing relationship and show your love for your other half or a loved-up couple. Whether you’re showering your significant other with love or helping a friend toast an annual celebration of their relationship, these are just a few ideas. Head to our Anniversary Gifts section for even more inspiration.