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Send Messages of Care

Send A Note To Your Loved Ones

11 May 2020

Send Messages of Care 

From wrapping nan in the biggest hugs to hanging in the park with your closest friends, we know there are so many moments you cherish and can’t wait to embark upon again. While we spend this time apart we know it’s more important than ever to stay connected to those you love most. Whether you want to bring a smile to their face or fill them with all the giggles, it’s easy to send a message of love! We want to make someone’s day a little bit brighter and it all starts with just a few words of care.

There are so many messages of love and support you can share, so we asked our team who they’re going to send a heartfelt message to and the responses were simply heartwarming.


Gauri Kangai, Associate Product Manager: My friends in remote Canada love sending mail, and they always manage to cheer us up with many notes of encouragement and love throughout the year. While they’re also going through their battle during this time, I wanted to send a card to send my support!

Aly Abel, UX Researcher: I've sent a card to my friend to say 'Hey, how are you doing?' as a nice touch to show that I'm thinking of her when she's trying to juggle WFH and children.

Jack LustigTeacher: My friend Matt moved to America on his own for work right before the pandemic. Now, more than ever he needs a pick-me-up. I will be sending a personalised card to let him know I miss him and he is not alone.


Maheen, CRM Manager: My brother is a doctor for the NHS. I want to let him know how proud I am of him for the selfless work he undertakes daily. He is alone, self-isolating from his wife and kids in order to protect them.

Qudsia Shakeel, SEO Content & Outreach Specialist: I'm sending a message to my two sisters to let them know they are the best mums' to my nieces. They are doing a grand job and I love and miss them!


Zsofi S, Head of PR: It's my Dad's 63rd birthday and he is spending it in isolation. We normally have a big family dinner, but we're only able to celebrate online this year. I want to do everything to make him feel special today, even if we can't be together and sending a card is perfect. He was very moved when he received the card and it cheered him up on an otherwise lonely day.

Claire SSEO Lead: I want to let them know how we miss them and wish we were all together. They have been stuck in their apartment in Paris for six weeks, and it looks to be another month at least.


Rachael Poole, Associate Product Manager: I want to show that I’m thinking of them while I’m unable to see them in person. They're all feeling the stress and worry of being isolated, but it cheered them up when they received my message.


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