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Meet The Artist

The Playful Indian

26 Oct 2021

Meet the Artists: Hello from the Playful Indian

Tell us a little about you...

Hey, I’m Dina. I’m an illustrator based in Manchester and I design greeting cards and gifts! I love pizza and samosas and a good Netflix binge – can’t go wrong!

How did The Playful Indian come about?

When I first started out in 2011 I did everything from finger and arm knitting, to clay jewellery making and cards. It wasn’t until 2014 I narrowed it down and focus on modern, funny cards aimed towards the younger Asian community – keeping the culture but making it funny too. It was something no-one else was doing at the time. 

Do you have anyone in mind when designing your cards and coming up with the incredibly hilarious & relatable, copy?

Not really, probably myself because I love a good cheesy pun and dad jokes! I think also food is something that beings everyone together I mean, I’ve never heard someone say no to a samosa and chai! And it my cards being mostly food related, most people can relate. 

What do you love about designing greeting cards?

I LOVE that I’m able to bring a little bit of joy to someone’s life, a smile, a roll of the eyes because it’s just a bit cheesy, a good belly laugh. I just love that my cards bring people a bit of happiness. 

What do you love about designing Diwali greeting cards?

When it comes to Diwali cards, I like to still try and keep the cheesiness, I’ll try to make them fun and colourful and cute so they’ll make the recipient smile and basically do something different that’s not available yet. 


What’s the most memorable card you’ve ever received?

Your cards are so relatable for so many, which do you find is most relatable for you? Feel free to pick a few..

All of them obviously, who doesn’t love food!!!


We love the puns on your cards! Which is your favourite? 

Ah I don’t think I can pick a favourite, they all end up becoming my favourite, they’re all like my little babies and you can’t pick a a favourite child so I can’t pick a favourite card.  


What do you do for fun when you’re not designing?

Wind my parents up…does that count? Binge Netflix, work out, drink alllll the coffee, I love a good Sudoku, walks and exploring  and find weird/unusual stuff to do. I’m also trying to paint (not going great but it’s nice to get away from the screen).

Which is your best selling card & best selling Diwali card?

Chapati like it’s your birthday is my best selling card and for Diwali it’s always 'Diwali Wishes Diya', 'Happy Diwali Cute Candle Card' & 'Peace and Prosperity Hand Card that do well. I’m not really sure why, I mean they do look fabulous!

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What does the future hold for The Playful Indian?

Who knows what the future holds for any of us!? Hopefully more new and exciting things, LOTS more cards and new products and probably by then I’ll have learn how to make proper reels and stuff. You can follow my journey on Instagram which is where I’m mostly procrastinating active.

What’s your favourite thing about Diwali?

The Food, would you expect anything less of me. OMG there are some snacks that only get made once a year at our house and that’s at so it makes it even more special and exciting. From chakri to sakar para and mathiya and gughras, shame there’s only so much you can eat… I also love the fact that everyone gets together and it’s just nice to catch up with loved ones, friends and family – definitely the Indian Christmas!

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Meet the Artists

The Playful Indian