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How Can I Recycle My Cards?

Recycling Your Old Cards

13 May 2019

How Can I Recycle Or Upcycle My Cards?

Did you know that over 60% of the things that end up in our bins can be recycled? It’s worth thinking about, because recycled paper produces approximately 70% less air pollution than if it was made directly from raw materials. Whether you’re recycling Christmas cards, birthday cards, or used wrapping paper, the important thing is you’re not throwing it in the trash bin. Here at Moonpig, we’re doing our very best to put Mother Earth first, and it’s wonderful to see when our customers do the same.

Where Can I Recycle My Cards?

Recycling a card from the high-street can sometimes be tough. First, you must dispose of any embellishments, ribbon, or glitter as none of those components can be recycled. There’s also the worry that some high street cards are made with plastic or include foil material, which also means they can’t be recycled. If it doesn't have the recycle symbol in a corner of the card it sadly means it has to go in the bin. Insert sad face emoji. However, with a Moonpig card you’ll never need to worry. With a Moonpig you’ll never need to worry about recycling or upcycling. Our cards are 100% recyclable and you can also feel assured that our materials are from sustainable sources. We don’t feature any glitter or additional components that cannot be recycled.

Moonpig & The Environment

We are conscious of air miles and the impact travel has on the environment. All Moonpig cards are printed in the Channel Islands and UK (unlike a lot of high street stores that print their cards in China). We’re also an anti-waste company, unlike a lot of retailers who discard stock if it doesn’t sell, our business model means we only print what’s in demand and as we go. Reducing single-use plastic is another of our key objectives. We’ve never sold our cards with cellophane bags and last year alone, we avoided using 17 million cellophane sheets. We won’t stop there... watch this space for future developments.


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Upcycle Your Moonpig Keepsake Card

We know our cards have real impact, it can be a unique personalised Moonpig card full of photos, memories, and inside jokes that someone has taken the time and love to put together. Or maybe it’s simply one photo and one memory that has the ability to make you smile from ear to ear. Instead of recycling them, why not hold onto these nostalgic moments and look back with fondness.

Create A Keepsake Box For All Your Treasured Cards

Not only can they remind you of find memories, they’ll also be a lovely pick-me-up if you’re feeling blue. Or go old school and start a creative and wholesome project. One of our favourite ideas is to create a decorative scrapbook you can share with the kids or grandkids one day. Art and crafts projects are also known to boost self esteem and relieve stress. A study in the American Journal of Public Health titled The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health found those who engaged in art projects experienced “reductions in stress and anxiety” and “increases in positive emotions.” Not only can you help save the world, you can help yourself too.

Upcycle Your Christmas Cards

The madness of Christmas is gone and the January blues are here. With less money in your pocket and more time on your hands, why not take that pile of Christmas cards and create something beautiful? After all, it feels a bit heartbreaking to throw them all away. Get cutting to create impressive gold, green, and red decorations for next year. Another upcycling idea is to make a Christmas wreath by fanning out all of your cards in a circle shape, glueing them together, and attaching a big bow-tied ribbon to the top. Also, don’t forget to use a hole punch and thread through some festive ribbon so you can hang the wreath from your door.

Make Gift Tags

Go the extra mile and really impress your friends and family with some handmade gift tags. Cut around the card design, use a hole punch, then thread decorative ribbon through the hole. Use the other side to write your heartfelt message, then attach your homemade gift tag onto your loved ones present. Not only are you helping the planet, but you’re also going the extra mile to create something unique and special.

Reuse & Read

Another option on how to upcycle your card is to create a bookmark. Cut a rectangle, square, or any shape that you can think of. Now, you’ll be reminded of that wonderful moment you had when you first opened your Moonpig card. Bring on all the fond memories with every turn of the page.

Create A Fun Mini Puzzle

Another easy way to reuse your card is to cut it into puzzle pieces creating a fun and thoughtful game for the kids.