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All The Things I Learned From Mum

Little gems of wisdom

2 Mar 2021

Thanks for Keeping Us Alive, Mum

She’s the world’s best storyteller, the greatest pastry chef of all time, the ultimate hype-woman, the person who makes you laugh most in the world and an all-round national treasure. In short, she’s the best. Not only has she kept you alive since you were small, red and crying to now (when you’re large, red and crying) but the lessons she taught you along the way are some of the most valuable things in your brain.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and, to prepare, we asked everyone at Moonpig HQ to share the most important things our mums taught us over the years. So, enjoy these little gems of wisdom that always give us the warm and fuzzies. 

“She taught me to be kind to myself, and always to speak to yourself like you would a friend.”

The famous quote ‘if you can be anything, be kind’ really comes to mind with this one, because sometimes we miss ourselves out of this equation. Showing kindness to yourself is just as important as showing it to others, and if you’re struggling, a really lovely way to combat this is to speak to yourself like you would a friend.

“If people don’t appreciate your worth and know how lucky they are to have you in their life, it’s ok to walk away from them.

Now this is a big one. It’s easy to get caught up in life and miss the obvious things (or people) that might be making us less happy. Knowing your worth is one of those fundamental things that can get forgotten, but you know who never forgets how incredible you are? It starts with M and ends in UM. You guessed it, Mum. If you’re ever struggling, do what we do and try to see yourself through your mum’s eyes. If you can imagine her slapping whoever it is across the chops for not treating her baby right, it’s okay to walk away.

“The importance of friendship and how to be a good friend - I’m so lucky to have her as my friend as well as my mum.”

Watching her be an incredible friend is the best way to learn how you can be one too. Also, just because she’s your mum, why should that stop her being your friend? How unfair would it be if everyone else gets to have her as a friend and you couldn’t? Exactly. Thankfully those aren’t the rules. No reason why she can’t multitask as your mum and as your friend.

“The best ever roast dinner recipe (because Mum’s is always best).”

It’s scientifically proven right? Mum’s roasts just taste better than any other roasts in the entire world. If you need us to, we volunteer as tribute to travel round the world and taste every roast just to confirm. Anyway, enough of our selfless dedication to science, this is about Mum and her magical cooking. Whether it’s a full roast with all the trimmings, her secret spaghetti bolognese recipe or those flapjacks she makes that taste like literal happiness, Mum always knows the key to our hearts is through our stomachs.

“Always stay true to who you are and try not to compare yourself to others - just focus on yourself.”

It might sound a little cheesy, but there really is only one of you out there. (Unless you’re Dolly the sheep, sorry Dollz.) Anyway, we think this nugget of wisdom is one of the best ones we’ve ever heard and something that’s so important. Comparison is truly a drain on joy and energy, so just remember you’re doing the best you can at being you, and we think you’re brilliant.

“You can only do your best.”

This is just as much about the little things as the big things, and is such a wonderful mantra to have running around your head as you go through life. Whether it’s a tough project at work, learning a new skill or trying for the 20th time to make your sourdough bread rise, just hit it with your best shot and you’re winning. It’s physically impossible to do better than your best, so just trust the process and be proud of yourself no matter what.

“How to change a tyre.”

Speaking from personal experience, this one really resonates with us. We grew up with a Mum that had an entire tool cupboard because a tiny little tool box just didn’t quite cut it. Only 3 screwdrivers? Pff, amateur hour. Everything we learned about DIY and fixing things was directly from her and although we’re pretty bad at all of it, we wouldn’t even be close without her. So, every slightly haphazard shelf in my house and all the tyres on my car thank you, Mum. U complete us.

“Always have a pair of comfortable shoes in the car - nobody wants to drive in stilettos.”

We can barely walk 3 metres in stilettos, let alone drive, so we relate quite strongly to this piece of advice. You never know when a pair of crocs might save your life.

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