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Get a Free Tony's Chocolonely!

Moonpig x Tony's Chocolonely

With every gift you purchase, we'll sweeten the deal by including a FREE pack of Tony’s Chocolonely Littl’ Bits.

How To Redeem

Step 1

Choose your perfect gift.

Step 2

We'll add a FREE pack of Tony’s Chocolonely Littl’ Bits to your order.

Step 3

Sit back and enjoy the delicious sweetness!

Tony's Mission

Tony’s Chocolonely is an impact company that makes chocolate. Putting social impact before profit. Their vision is to make chocolate 100% slave free. Not just their own chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide.

At Moonpig, we're thrilled to partner with Tony's Chocolonely to bring you an extraordinary limited-time offer. We believe in making every moment special and what better way to do that than with a heartfelt Moonpig card and gift?

A Taste of Tony's Chocolonely

Triple Chocolate Mix

A delightful blend of milk, white, and dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Choco Cookie

Indulge in orange-flavoured cocoa biscuit bits covered in rich dark chocolate.

Milk Caramel Sea Salt and Biscuit Mix

Experience the perfect harmony of caramel sea salt bits and biscuit bits covered in creamy milk chocolate.

Milk Marshmallow & Biscuit Mix

Enjoy the sweet combination of biscuit and marshmallow bites enveloped in smooth milk chocolate.

A lil' Bit About Tony's Chocolonely


Tony's packaging is FSC-certified paper and fully recyclable, with efforts to eliminate plastic from their supply chain.

Fair Trade

Every purchase at Tony's Chocolonely supports fair trade and sustainable cocoa farming, ensuring farmers receive fair compensation.


Tony's bars are unequally divided to represent the inequality in the chocolate industry, highlighting the need for change.