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Stella Isaac Illustration Happy Purim Card
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Front of card:
A delightful and joyful Purim card where the background of the image is a cheerful yellow, setting the tone for the celebration. In the centre, an orange rectangle grabs attention, bearing the joyful message "HAPPY PURIM" in bold lettering. Scattered around the central message are delightful illustrations: a purple masquerade mask evokes the spirit of disguise and revelry, while musical notes hint at the lively music and dancing associated with Purim festivities. Stars symbolize joy and celebration, and streamers add to the festive atmosphere. The crown may allude to the story of Queen Esther, a central figure in the Purim narrative, and the Star of David holds significance in Jewish culture. On the right side, a purple balloon with strings attached adds a playful touch, as if ready to float up and join the festivities. In summary, this delightful Purim greeting card combines vibrant colours, festive symbols, and warm wishes to celebrate this joyous occasion!

Text reads:
"Happy Purim, Aaron & Hannah."

Back of card:
Stella Isaac For Moonpig logo.