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Make Your Cards Unique!

Smart Text

Where Innovation Meets Heartfelt Expression

Our AI-powered tool is designed to effortlessly craft heartfelt messages for your greeting cards when inspiration escapes you.

Send Audio Messages

Some messages are meant to be heard!

Elevate your heartfelt messages with our new audio feature. Simply record a personalised audio message and watch as your words come to life.

Stickers, Emojis and Photos

Enhance the inside of their card with a burst of personality

Easily add stickers, emojis, and photos to create a heartfelt message that truly reflects how you feel.

Send Video Messages

Capture moments beyond words

Send wishes, share memories, pet videos, sing, dance or tell a joke!

Group Cards

Unite in Celebration

Empower everyone to sign from afar. Share a link, and watch your group card come to life with heartfelt signatures from every corner of the world.

Photo Cards

Share your fave memories

Add your own photos to make a card they’ll want to keep forever.

Upload Handwriting

Bring a truly personal touch to your message

Add your own unique handwritten message to make their card even more heartfelt.