Prepay Credit FAQ

How long will my prepay credit last?

You can use your prepay credit as soon as you’ve bought it.

It’s valid for 2 years from the date you last bought something from Moonpig. But don’t worry, we’ll warn you by email if your prepay credit is close to expiring.

Unfortunately your prepay credit can’t be used in conjunction with some of our special offers.

Where can I check my prepay credit balance?

You can check your prepay credit balance by signing into your Moonpig account. Your balance will be displayed in the top right corner – just tap on your name to see it.

How can I top up my prepay credit balance?

Unfortunately we no longer allow customers to add prepay to their balance, however customers can still spend any existing prepay credit.

What’s not included?

Flowers and plants.

View our full prepay terms and conditions and privacy notice.