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Kate Smith Co. Card With My Face Photo Upload Birthday Card
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Upload your silliest photo and make someone smile on their special day with this hilairous Birthday card.

Kate Smith Co. is here to make you smile. We want to help you find your happy — and inspire you to share your happy with others. Because we believe that the simple act of making another human smile has ripple effects. And when people think about each other more, the world becomes a happier place — one cheesy pun, one silly doodle, one greeting card at a time.

Front of card:
Features a large photo upload that covers half of the card. Underneath the photo upload is multicoloured text on a yellow background.

Text reads:
"Just In Case You Haven't Gotten A Card With My Face On It Yet Today. Happy Birthday."

Back of card:
Kate Smith Co. logo with tagline "Making humans smile"