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Brainbox Candy Remember How You Always Said You'd Never Become A Grumpy Old Bastard Typographic Birthday Card
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Front of card:
A vibrant and witty Birthday card featuring a light blue background adorned with playful darker blue swirls. These evenly spaced swirls create an aesthetic that's both captivating and lighthearted. At the centre of the design, the bold white text stands out against the backdrop. The tone is humorous or sarcastic, playfully poking fun at someone who has defied their predictions. In summary, this card combines delightful aesthetics with witty text, inviting us to chuckle at life's unexpected twists and turns!

Text reads:
"Remember how you always said you'd never become a grumpy old bastard? But here you are, absolutely smashing it."

Back of card:
Brainbox Candylogo.