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Boogaloo Llama Just Say 10th Birthday Illustrated Photo Upload Birthday Card
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Front of card:
A cute and vibrant Birthday card featuring a central illustration of a white llama, which is whimsically decorated with party accessories and carrying gifts, symbolising the delivery of joy and best wishes. The main text is presented in a playful and colourful font that adds to the celebratory mood of the card. Additionally, the card includes four photo upload areas in a photo strip. The card's background is layered in shades of pink, enhancing the overall cheerful theme of the occasion. This delightful composition of images and text creates a heartfelt and personalised greeting card, celebrating your recipient's special day with joy and excitement.

Text reads:
"To our amazing daughter Violet. Happy 10th Birthday."

Back of card:
Boogaloo by Mia Powell logo.